Nov 29, 2008

The USA Triathlon National Challenge Competition Update

OK team - the NCC is fast approaching and I have set some serious goals.

From 12/1/08 - 12/31/08 I would like to tally the following:

  • Swim 20,000 yards - that is over 11 miles!
  • Bile 60 miles
  • Run 40 miles

I will be updating my progress here for the world to see!

I LOVE this challenge. It is a fun way to compete but also to get your butt in gear. I used this challenge last year to get me started on my way to complete my first triathlon. I spent a lot of time in the pool last year, and this year now that I have a great coach and friend along with me, I am all set to spend even more time! And now that Mike has a bike and is swimming with me again, I know that I have no excuse to get out the door.

For those unfamiliar with the NCC, the competition is simple. December is swim focus, January is bike focus and February is run focus.

Your triathlon club signs up and a chairperson enters in all the miles in all three sports. The first club to hit a set number of miles wins that section, and the club who puts in the most miles overall wins the competition. If you are a solo competitior - as long as you are a current USAT member, you can participate solo.

Last year my club won the Swim portion hitting the 500 mile milestone in 1 week! This year the milestone is 750 miles, and we lost some of our best swimmers due to the new rule that all participants must be USAT members, whereas in years past only your club had to be a USAT recognized club.

I will make a new goal for January, and then one for February.

February 22nd marks the start of my official training for Muncie, so I have also had to re-evaluate what races I am doing.

Previously I had an extremely full roster of races, but I need quality in training, not burn out in racing. Six triathlons, one duathlon, and two half marathons was a LOT last year. I have to pare down and focus on July 11th. Everything past that is gravy.

Pretty much... from January 1st to July 11th I will be doing a half marathon for gaging how my running is going and to get my final goal time for Muncie, a few 5Ks with Mike, 1 season-opening duathlon to get the cobwebs out of my transitions, 1 super-sprint just to get in the groove in cold water and a wetsuit, 1 olympic to see if I am ready for Muncie - I need to feel like I could have kept on going for twice as long, and 1 long course AKA the BIG SHOW! That still seems like alot, but all races up until Muncie (the long course) are strictly to get nutrition, pacing and transitions down.

After July 11th, I will first off be recovering for a few weeks and then doing two half marathons, a 10 miler , a marathon, and 3-4 sprint triathlons for fun.

My goals for 2009 are:

  • to bike 2009 miles
  • to run 200.9 days (201 technically), and
  • to swim 200,900 yards
  • to go sub 6:10 at Muncie.
  • to hit 2:20 in a half marathon
  • to finish Detroit Marathon in 5 hours
  • and to take home top Athena honors at Island Lake of Novi tri again!

Let's do this!


Sonia said...

Awesome goals for 2009! I've only run the half but I love Detroit marathon day. Hope you get to meet most of your goals.

Doug said...

Swim fast!

Tell us how the Turkey Trot went for you, I saw your results, you did finish, or at least you gave your chip to someone to finish for you :P.

raulgonemobile said...
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raulgonemobile said...

Those are awesome goals!

Makes me realize that I should really set some real goals of my own for the upcoming year, or else I'll just be "base building" forever.

L*I*S*A said...

You are seriously motivated. Come kick my ass in gear, would ya?