Apr 25, 2008

Because that is how it goes.

A familiar bell rang for me this month.
Travel for work.
Miss some workouts.
Get sick.
Race is near.

Runnergirl fears that she is going to not do well in race.
Runnergirl gives up and accepts defeat.

Well with this bell ringing one thing has changed... I am not giving up.

Heck no! Not this time. I have fought too hard for too long with myself to succumb to those negative thoughts again!

I had to take a few days off from training to deal with the illness that I am still recovering from. But I did not give up. My first multi-sport race is NEXT WEEKEND! Oh my goodness!

Instead of freaking out... well completely freaking out... I have decided to treat this duathlon as training for my triathlon June 8th. And now I feel a lot better. Truth be told I am still nervous as all get out, but that is expected, right?

In an effort to preserve my last few days of training before the du, my week has looked like this so far:
  • Monday: Ran 30 minutes to get back into the groove as I needed to start back in with training
  • Tuesday: My first real brick workout with F.A.S.T. - 20 MILE bike followed by the worst 5K run *cough*walk*cough* ever! (More on this later)
  • Wednesday: Swim 30 minutes, bike 30 minutes
  • Thursday: Strength train for 45 minutes, run 30 minutes
  • Friday: A well deserved rest day

I am wrapping up the week with Swimming, strength, and a bike clinic (maint. not riding) on Saturday, and a dry run at the Willow course early Sunday AM.

Next week I have the same planned - a lot of biking, a lot of bricks. I am as ready as I can possibly be at this point.

In a way I am excited for the Du to be over with. Not because that I am not looking forward to it, but rather because it serves as a benchmark. I really am curious as to how my training has been preparing me for the multisport test. No matter what - it will be a PR, and the only place for me to go is up.

I am completely inspired by a lot of the people that I have met in the past few months - members of my tri club, members of my tri website, you fellow running/tri bloggers... the list is large. But every time I see a post on someone's blog about a PR, a new endurance feat, or another goal being met I feel good knowing that we are all moving forward despite any number of potential setbacks.

Every time I am out and about and I see someone kitted up on the bike, or out running the road, I feel a connection with them. And then it hits me - I truly love this.

I feel that there is an important thing to realize in all of this. Setbacks happen. But in light of all of the fast balls that we are thrown, we manage to get out there and accomplish these great things every day!

Lacing up the shoes is always the first step in taking action. Somedays it take a lot more inner dialogue to get out the door and go, but the end result is usually always the same - I am so grateful that I went out and did that.

We can only get better if we work harder. I am not only talking about sports, fitness, or athletics here. I am talking about schooling, relationships, work, LIFE. We can only achieve our goals if we put effort into them. If our performances suffer as a direct response to the lack of attention that we are giving to our dreams... well then it is time to really look deep down and see if this is something that you want for YOU or is this something that you are doing for another reason.

If you truly love something and get enjoyment out of it, then working hard for it will be a bigger reward than any finishing time could possibly be.

Stay positive out there, and keep on running!



IronWaddler said...

Stay positive--you can do it.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I like your strong attitude.

You go!

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

I think getting sick before a race has sometimes helped me PR - nothing like forced rest!

Doug said...

You sound depressed. Deep breaths. You will clobber the other chicks! Yeah, Danielle is right, I got a bad cold one time and was off the bike for 10 days, and the next time was a race, and did great.

and that is not a bell you are hearing it is this:


Unknown said...

You know that you can do it! You go girl!