Apr 18, 2008

Mas medicino y una grande aqua por favor.




The wonderful Mexicali drugs I am taking... don't ask me what they are or what they all do. I do know that one is Paracetamol (for stuffy head), another one is a great tasting (raspberry!) lozenge for my sore throat, and the other two are a mystery to me. Dixen and Syntex are the names on the meds. I think throat meds are what they be... but who knows really.

Not the typical "I am in Mexico and drank the water, stupid me" type of sick (I am lucky in that I never get that type of sick here), but the "I cannot breathe, I lost my voice, I am exhausted and my sinuses feel like they are going to explode" type of sick.

What a freaking great way to end my trip to Mexico.


Not even Starbucks can save me now I am afraid to report (I have tried! One in Mexico and one in Houston so far... and shortly going for my third.) I am so sick and pluggy that my ears hurt terribly bad on the landing in Houston this AM. I am fearful of my next flight into Detroit here in the next few hours.

Needless to say - there will be no swimming for me tomorrow AM as I am expending more energy than I have by even the simple task of typing. Oh yes - I am that sick. *pitty party - table for 1 please*

All I can think of is that I only got in two weak workouts in Guad - about 20 minutes each - and that I need more time in the saddle for my duathlon coming up way too soon.

What's a girl to do?

Today I leave you with this thought - I just left SUMMER to come back to SPRING at Lana's and TNT Coach Ken's requests. How is THAT for dedication to the sport and more importantly to my friends?

On the bright side - it is warmer in Michigan than it is in Houston, my bike is missing me more than my cats, and I am ready to ride - once I can remain in the saddle without dreaming of a nap.

So I have no clue what this weekend holds for me and my health. As soon as I am able to - I am out there at Kennsington, Island Lake, and the Poto! Time for this Runnergirl to get serious about training again!

Keep on running mi amigos! Hasta luego!


chia said...

I have arrived in sinus induced hell as well. But seriously joining the pity party more for you than myself... cabin air pressure + sinus hell = enough motivation to jump out of a plane without a shoot.

Bless, safe travels!

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better soon.

LK said...

Feel better by Sunday - we can go for a ride - I will be coming off a 8 hour road racing seminar and a concert, so between your drugs and my exhaustion, we should be pretty evenly paced!

Doug said...

Maybe you should go to the doctor?

Doug said...

How do you feel today? We on for Willow if you feel better on Sunday????????????

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Get well soon!

TNTcoach Ken said...

They let you out of Mexico with those germs, ha? Okay, come back to the comfort of the high-five state. I hear your bike calling out now……..

Jess said...

Get well soon!