Mar 8, 2008

Snowy Reflections

Today's swim practice was really well. I kept my HR in zone, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that 50's and 100's seem really short and easy. The rest from training this week had no effect on my swim thank goodness. I was really afraid that I was going to be struggling today, but oddly enough I was right on tempo. This is another piece of proof in the case for rest days!

This morning's swim started late so I lost 250 yards of the planned 2900 - but all in all a 2650 yard (or 1.5 mile) workout isn't so bad. And the bonus - I am ready to move up a lane!

At F.A.S.T. practices, we have 6 lanes. Lane 6ers are AMAZING swimmers. I mean they bust out 3 miles in the time it takes lanes 1 and 2 to do 1.5. Pretty speedy fishes they are! Lane 2 has no stopping at the wall, and the distances and paces are within my ability as a swimmer. So as of next week I am moving on up.

After the 7AM swim, we all headed to Charlie's to eat breakfast, and my friend Doug loaned me a Mag+ CycleOps trainer for Sweet T. I set up Sweet T on the trainer and hopped on for a quick ride.


I LOVE this bike. And I am very geeked that I have a trainer all set up now so I can get in my miles in the AM before work, or whenever I have a quick minute or two. THANK YOU DOUG!!!!

I cannot wait for it to get nice enough to allow Sweet T out on the roads. I already have a few exercise days planned out on Hines Drive when weather permits - running and biking.

Sweet T fits perfectly in my trunk, with the front tire removed and back seats folded down of course - so I am not going to get a bike rack. I don't want all the road junk on her!

All in all today was a pretty good day. I do believe that it will continue to be a good day! I will be hopping back on the bike for another 25 minutes (had 45 mintes on tap for today) and then prettying up the house.

I already vaccuumed the living room and moved the furniture slightly to accomodate my workout area. I figure that Mike has the office - so I get a corner of the living room!

So much to do! So much to do!

I am getting everything ready for Florida - because we are g-o-n-e gone in 2 weeks! Helllooo tan and OWS in the ocean - weather permitting of course. The downside of Florida- which is still an upside really - is that I have nothing to wear for summer conditions. I have nothing to wear because I am down 2 dress sizes!
I went out and bought some shorts and capris and they fit me well right now. I have not been this size in three years. In fact I am the size I was exactly 3 years ago before my major weight loss back then. My goal is to get down another 20lbs, and then reevaluate how much further I need to go.
So today's snowy reflections is pretty much just rambling. AWESOME.
I hope that everyone is having a great day!


Unknown said...

Sweet bike!!

Nice job on the weight loss!

Run For Life said...


Patricio said...

Hey, congrats on the nice bike.... I soon will be joining the new bike crowd. Can't wait!
Enjoy Sweet T (it is a her, rite?)

chia said...

Nice setup! Many wishes for many happy miles atop that Sweet T of yours! Congrats on the weight loss as well!!!!!!!!!

Doug said...

I still think you should call the new bike Candi, or Brandi.

Wait, you are moving to lane 2, there goes the neighborhood.

Your carpet sure looks like it needs a good cleaning. That chair has got to go. Your plant needs some water, and those pillows are worth money.