Mar 7, 2008

Announcing my newest arrival - it's a bike!

I picked up my bike tonight! I am still figuring out what to call her - initially I was going to call her "honey" - because on the top bar there is a yellow tattoo looking mark that reminds me of dripping honey.

Mike feels that I should only call HIM hunny - so even with a different spelling, that name is a no go!

So, I think that she shall be called "Sweet T" - a play on words for my iced tea addiction. :o)
The bike I chose in the end was the Giant OCR1W. It is a pretty great bike for the price - blew Specialized and Trek right out of the water - 105 components and SPD pedals included. I decided to go ahead and buy the shoes as well, so I went with a really nice pair of Sidis. Because of the SPD pedals, I went with a MTB shoe - but it looke really nice on the bike, and matches the FAST kit. Pretty lucky!

I am so excited to hop on it and go for a ride. My friend Doug has been so awesome and is letting me borrow a trainer so I can get used to the bike and the pedals before heading outside. I am so freaking excited! The has come and it is today - today I am a FULLY GEARED!
Enjoy the ride!
})i({ Runnergirl


IronWaddler said...

Awesome Bike!!!!! Enjoy.

chia said...

That is one hell of a sexy piece of machinery. Hope you're getting some of this sunshine too - maybe this icy crap will melt off enough to give you a teaser ride :-D!

I like the "Honey" idea... then when your mum phones you can say "Sorry mum, gotta go! It's time to ride my Honey!"

Ride hard :-P

Run For Life said...

Very nice looking bike!

Doug said...

Candi, Brandi, Destiny, Desire... all good names for a bike.

That thing looks like it has 100,000 miles on it, yes, it is in dire need of a major overhaul and refit :).

Now, this is the bike for you when you do that Ironman next year, 2008 Felt B2 Pro:,1509&pid=8706