Mar 9, 2008

So the other shoe is going to fall when?

I honestly had no idea how much 20lbs being burned off of this body would have had in my running, walking, swimming, and honestly everything else. I am happier. I am healthier. My tastes have changed due to the change in my diet, and I feel... I don't know how to qualify this feeling actually, but it is good. I guess it is simply feeling alive.

20lbs seems like a lot. I mean it really does. But when you still have a good 20+ more to go, it doesn't feel like a lot. Only when I put on clothes or lace up my shoes do I truly sense a difference. I have muscle under the flab that is starting to show through, and every now and again I will see definition in my shoulders and triceps which give me hope.

On the exercise front, I definitely feel myself getting quicker in each mile and I notice that I can go longer stronger. All very very good things. Take today for instance. I manged to bust out 6 miles (out and back route) at Kennsington solo - not too bad!

1 - 10:58 (flat)
2 - 12:13 (sorta hilly not bad)
3 - 14:09 (holy cow hilly - turned around at about 2.7 mile mark)
4 - 13:36 (holy cow hilly continue, only backwards!)
5 - 12:50 (slightly slower than mile 2 on same stretch - tired from hills)
6 - 10:49 (flat - negative split to mile 1 on same stretch!)

Total: 1:14:37.

This time I ran way too fast in some straight aways and it wore me out on the hills, so I had to walk some of the up hills for recovery. I need to work on this for sure, but I have time to get tempo and pacing down.

All in all I may reevaluate my time goals for my half marathon - the pace I am supposed to run the easy, long slow distance runs at is a 12:42 minute mile. I no longer can maintain that slow of a pace. I am proud to say that. I was basing my desired half marathon finishing time based on my best times while in peak condition three years ago. I am in better condition now, and honestly I know that I can do better. My goal was to beat 2:41, which is my HM personal best. I may just keep that goal and take any delta in finshing time as a show of fitness improvement.

This may be a PR year for me!

So we will see if there is a shoe to fall... I am working hard enough and the results that I am seeing make me want to push to the next level and go for real achievement. I no longer say that I am only a 12 minute miler. I know that that is not the case any more. I know that I am getting faster and stronger, so now I guess I need to foster that and really enjoy all my runs - speedy and slow alike.


Have a great Sunday all!

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