Jan 22, 2008

700 yards of heaven

Today. What a good, albeit busy, day.

1 - Still need to solidify the travel plans for the next month or two - but for sure on the plan are Mexico (1 week), Wisconsin (1/2 a week - if only for the cheese curds!), Boston (maybe 2 days), and Texas (4 days).

All this by March. Potentially.

2 - Good news - I am also going to Florida for almost a full week with Mike for a vacay... Miami, Del Ray Beach, West Palm Beach - you name it we will be there.

3 - Weighed in at work today for my challenge with a few co-workers - I am down 5.6 lbs since we started on 1/7, and down over 11lbs since 12/25. VICTORY! I hit my January weight loss goal a week early. :o) I WILL be down 25-30 lbs by Florida. Darn it!
and quite possibly the sweetest of all things -

4 - I set out tonight at the gym to repeat my 400 yard workout from last night. NOPE. Was not having that. I did 200 yards of 25's followed by 300 yards of kick drill 50's (front and back kicking), rounding out a stellar and quite easy 400 yard workout - then decided to crank out some more 25's and then add in 50's. At 600 yards I decided to cool down with an additional 100 yards this time of breatstroke. I even did 1 flipturn in that 100 yards just to see how the CO2 would go.

Not so bad.

SWEET. And wow - that 700 felt like 400. I think my plan of swimming everyday is going to do wonders for my Saturday long swims (whatever I can finish in 1.5 hours).

Well I am dried out - tired - and ready for bed.

Night all!


Melissa said...

It sounds like you have some great trips coming up soon! I was in Mexico the week after Thanksgiving and had a blast! I'll be cheering you on to reach your Florida weight loss goal. :-)

chia said...

There is nothing on earth like a proper cheese curd. I instantly crave them.

Mad congrats on your weight loss - it's not easy and darnit you earned it by the sounds of it! Happy travel planning!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

boston what??!!! we are so hanging out!

SM said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! That is so awesome!