Jan 22, 2008

700 yards of heaven

Today. What a good, albeit busy, day.

1 - Still need to solidify the travel plans for the next month or two - but for sure on the plan are Mexico (1 week), Wisconsin (1/2 a week - if only for the cheese curds!), Boston (maybe 2 days), and Texas (4 days).

All this by March. Potentially.

2 - Good news - I am also going to Florida for almost a full week with Mike for a vacay... Miami, Del Ray Beach, West Palm Beach - you name it we will be there.

3 - Weighed in at work today for my challenge with a few co-workers - I am down 5.6 lbs since we started on 1/7, and down over 11lbs since 12/25. VICTORY! I hit my January weight loss goal a week early. :o) I WILL be down 25-30 lbs by Florida. Darn it!
and quite possibly the sweetest of all things -

4 - I set out tonight at the gym to repeat my 400 yard workout from last night. NOPE. Was not having that. I did 200 yards of 25's followed by 300 yards of kick drill 50's (front and back kicking), rounding out a stellar and quite easy 400 yard workout - then decided to crank out some more 25's and then add in 50's. At 600 yards I decided to cool down with an additional 100 yards this time of breatstroke. I even did 1 flipturn in that 100 yards just to see how the CO2 would go.

Not so bad.

SWEET. And wow - that 700 felt like 400. I think my plan of swimming everyday is going to do wonders for my Saturday long swims (whatever I can finish in 1.5 hours).

Well I am dried out - tired - and ready for bed.

Night all!
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