Jan 23, 2008

When the stars align...

Holy wow wow wow!

OK so today's run was the BEST I have had all year. I am so ready to run the Superbowl 5K come Feb. I only did 1 mile - but I felt strong and reserved and so could have gone on for 2 more. It's that 0.1 that kills! :o)

SO onto the swim -

warm up 4x25
pull drills 2 x 25
ladder 25, 50. 50 felt good. Yeah for imporvements! Did another 25. Then did 75 for fun. Wow, I just did that! Like for realzy. So, I did some more 50's and 25's and then decided why not go for 100? I mean I will never know if I am capable of it if I do not try it, right?


I did a 100. Just for fun. And I made it in 2:52... slow yes, but you know what? I SWAM 100 YARDS STRAIGHT THROUGH HOMIES! Hellz yeah!

I am averaging a slow 00:32 seconds for my 25's, just over 1:00 for a 50, and then my 100's at 2:52. I forgot to check out my 75 pace. Oh well - that is what tomorrow is for!

On the weight front - I am down another lb as of this morning! That means that I have offically lost every pound that I gained over the last year. Which in turn means that I worked hard to get BACK to the beginning. :o) But hey - this is a great place to be! 12.4 down, many more to go!

Tomorrow is a swim only day. My goal is to do 100's, but to focus on 50's and 75's. I cannot believe that this day has arrived. I still cannot believe that I just swam 100 yards straight through.... best day EVAH!

Oh and on Doug's recommendation I found some soap at my LSS (Different Strokes) that has a chlorine neutralizer in it so I won't reak of chlorine anymore. *sniff* I will sorta miss that just sterile smell. Sorta.

And Kim - ummmmm yeah we are hanging out! :o) I will let you know when the trip is finalized.

Have a GREAT night everyone!

})i({ I am too happy for my own good right now!
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