Jan 21, 2008

When flip turns attack!

Today was the BEST swim workout I have ever had! 400 yards of amazing laps. Simple simple and a 15 minute workout all together, so I decided to attempt something that will become important as I progress in my swimming endeavors... flip-turns.

Yay for flip turns!

Unless... unless you are at the Bally's pool which is just over 3 1/2' deep and you flip turn picture perfect and push off... right into the floor of the pool. And as if that wasn't enough - you keep sliding on the bottom resulting in a nice scratch and the looming feeling that you will leave the pool with MRSA or some other horrible skin infection found at such a "health" club.

But hey - that happens! I went along my merry way and did flip turns after the laps, not during (so I would do a 50 then rest for a bit and practice flip turns away from the wall). I need to figure out the breathing before the turn (as in do I just go into it or do I breathe before execution?) and someday soon incorporate it into my lappage.

So 400 yards with no problems. I broke it down into the following workout:
*4 x 25 yards warm up
*2 x 50 yards of pulls (felt good - but the last 25 of the last 50 really worked my arms!)
*ladder 25, 50, 50, 25
*2 x 25 with practice filip-turns to cool down.

I was pretty happy because I got my 50's down from 1:23 minutes to 0:53 seconds! That cuts my 100 time from 4 minutes to 2. W00t!

During the week I am going to stick to these 400 - 800 yard workouts over the next 3 months while I build up endurace and form, and keep with the 2400 - 3000 yard workouts on the weekend. I am half-way to my January swim goal!

Today was just the experience in the pool that I needed. And as of today I have exceeded my weight loss goal for January and have officially lost OVER 10lbs so far. It is amazing what happens when you keep your mouth shut, and workout nearly daily!

Happy Manday all!



Run For Life said...

I did the exact same thing the first time I ever did a flip turn, lol. It sounds like you'll get it mastered pretty quickly! Congrats on the weight loss, that's AWESOME!

Melissa said...

WTG on your weight loss for January ... that's awesome! :-)

Bolder said...

your blog design is totally pro!

Jess said...

You are mistress of the pool now!

chia said...

Brilliant! I'm so jealous :-D

i am Susan said...

Reading your posts about swimming makes me feel like I should probably head to the pool tonight. It has been awhile.

Good job on the 10 lbs...that's my goal...10 lbs.

Kim said...

holy crap lady, i wont even attempt to do a flipturn for fear of hurting myself!!

you are a pool goddess! you are kicking some ass!

SM said...

Every time I try to do a flip turn I get water up my nose. So I just gave up on that!

Doug said...

You will get the flip turns. Also, don't flip turn when someone is behind you.

Is that you in that speedo?

TNTcoach Ken said...

Yay for Flip Wilson! I love th keeping your mouth shut comment! You are kicking some arse!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah that is really great! flip turns can be a challenge.you also could join a swim team that would help as well with you traing or what ever you call it.any way you did a good job on the desigh of your blog it looks really good!