Dec 14, 2007

Congratulations FAST for being the USA Triathlon NCC Swim benchmark Winner!

Not only did we hit 500 miles first - we did so in 192 hours, or just 8 days! No other club is even at 500 miles as of this moment - as we are well over 600. Way to go to my Trithlon Club for all of the gret swimming miles!

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Mike told me yesterday, after hearing that I was on my way to the pool, that he may very well have to buy a boat, a poll and a shiny pink lure. I asked him why - and his reply? His reply was so he could fish me out since I am ALWAYS swimming now.

Awesome! But I have not grown gills. (I keep hoping!)

Today wass typical - get to work, have a few meetings, go play Whirly Ball for 3.5 hours, visit friend in new apartment, head home. Oh wait... did I say Play Whirley Ball for 3.5 hours? Because that is what I did in the middle of the day. It amazes me how sometimes I just stumble into abolutely funny things in the middle of my day.

For instance - there is this man at work who drops f-bombs like none other. Not quitely and not always in a funny way. He literally swears at everyone. My money is that he used to work at a plant before comming to corporate America. A typical conversation with his boss/customer/supplier/college friend/grandmother goes a little something like this:

Well hey there, F*&$ you! ... You have got to be F*&^ing kidding me you C**K sucker! GO F*&^ yourself A$$hole! ... OK, motherF*&^ing jerk*ff. See you Tomorrow! F*&^er!

So I have been keeping atally of his curses. In a 3 minute mini conversation I lost count.

We also have this otehr gentleman from Russia who has worn the ssme sweater every day for 45 days. I know this because yet again we have a tally, ok a game really. We have determined that the sweater worn for prolonged periods of time results in a molecular layer being formed which can conduct heat away from the body, yet keep the occupant warm all winter long. Just a theory... or he could just be that nasty.

Don't even get me started on all the banter about boobs. Fun times!

Today - no tally's, just good oldfashioned Whirley ball with the engineers. The girl team won, just so you know. 'Cause girl Enginerds... we sorta rock.

Have a great weekend all! I am of course swimming in the AM then heading north to FLIN-TOWN (say it like "Eight Mile* from the movie...) to see a very preggers Chritina (she was supposed to find out the sex of the baby today... I am thinking that it is a girl) and hang out bit.

Well, I am off to din-din to the Lazy Lizzard Cantin for some good pre-swim food stuffs. READ:Margaritas.


Unknown said...

Wow! That's awesome. I don't think Mike need all of that stuff. You just like to swim. :D

Runner Susan said...

There is no way I would ever grow gills - I don't swim well. I could turn into buoy though, floating is my specialty.

Doug said...

Who is Mike?

Don't you ever do any work?

At work this week we swapped out four computer labs worth of computers (i.e. 96 complete computer systems).

Pat said...

what is whirlyball? maybe someone needs to get the potty mouth a membership in the 'vocabulary word of the month club'.

Doug said...

Maybe the 'potty mouth' just needs your understanding and a hug :).

Jenniferlyn said...

I ALWAYS do work... I just make sure to have fun while I am doing it! :o)

Whirleyball is a game that is a mix between bumpercars, lacrosse, and basketball. And yes it is that fun! Two teams of 5 play against each other in bumpercars. The team who scores the most in the time alloted (between 9 and 15 minute heats) wins!

Doug said...

Is this in like full size go-carts or on a table top? Did you play this in or out of the office?

Stuart said...
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Stuart said...

You gonna have to change your moniker to ~~~swimmer~girl~~~ soon!

There, I even gave you your own lane!

Ok, it took two attempts!