Dec 13, 2007

No one wants to play?

No one guessed what I did a few posts back.


Ok... well then I'll just tell you.

I made it not only 50 yards swimming non-stop... but I almost completed 75! I was short by just a few yards. Now I just need to keep up with the endourance building to be able to do 75 consistently... and then we are on to 100's.

Oh and Doug - see you at the pool Saturday.... riiiiiiiiight?


Bolder said...

sorry, so BIZ-EEE.

year-end, fall plan, so many women...

you know the drill.

my guess is that you swam 50 yards?

Pat said...

darn, I love of good game. sorry i didn't play. I have a picture on my blog, do you know what it is?

SM said...

And I am so good at games too. Darn! missed that one. Awesome job!!!!

Doug said...

I'll play. I'll be there.

Go vote on the ghost question on my blog! Or the dog might get it.