Nov 16, 2007

Too close for comfort...

This morning's commute started out like every other's... however it was interrupted by a moment of terror. I was on a narrow stretch of road over by Cranbrook Academy's lower school, which is in the middle of dense woods and rolling hills. Cranbrook is heavily fenced to keep the kids in and random people out. It is beautiful to drive through, at times looking like something Kincade himself would have painted. I was putzing along the winding road when all of a sudden I see something out of the corner of my eye. My heart stopped and everything went slow mo. A buck was running full speed towards my passenger side door, just three feet away. I slam on my breaks and slide over as far right in my car as I can manage. But it never came. Apparently the Cranbrook chain link fence is stronger than a full speed buck, as it flexed out towards my car, then threw the dazed deer back into the field. And so it has begun. Michigan's favorite season of all... Hunting. Be safe kids ~ RG
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