Oct 24, 2007


"Well hello there my old friend," I say as I zip up my jacket and hit play on the pinkPod, "it has been a long time hasn't it?"

Of course I am just talking to the air. Literally.. the cold, crisp air. It has been so long since I have felt the crispness touch my skin that I knew the second I stepped out of work that I had to ditch the pool tonight and enjoy a real run outside.

Screw the treadmill... forget the elliptical... tonight it was just me and my old-time running partner - fall.

This time of year does something to me. I makes me want to lace up and go out side. Not always for a run, and not for some crazy time, but just to get outside and see all of fall's wonder and beauty.

Tonight was such a night. I got home late... because I was at work late... so mostly it was me in the darkness with random cars passing by on their way home. But I could still make out the leave colors, just barely. And I could hear the leaves crunching under my feet over the melodic sounds of Norah Jones. And I could smell the cold.

That is one of my favorite smells. Autumn. Fall. No matter
how cold it gets, this time of year alway feels so warming to me. Like a
desire to cuddle up next to a fire with some cocoa.

I felt like I was in a movie of sorts... the wind knocking me around, me tightly zipped up, running carelessly on the streets. It was almost like it wan't even me out there.

This has nothing to do with a killer pace or a long run.. it was a short (1.87 miles according to my routemapper) and zippy run. I didn't bring a watch or Garmin, just my pinkpod. I just wanted to be.

As a lone car would pass me, my shadow would elongate in front of me. At these times I felt as if I was running after the future me. Long and lean, a fitness machine. I would get wrapped up in the sounds and smells around me that I would just go and go and go and not even realize that I was running. I felt like I was gliding.

Regardless of what the calendar says, tonight is the first time it has really felt like fall to me.

So welcome back home old friend. I have a feeling that we will be getting together quite a bit.

})i({ Runner Girl


Doug said...

pinkPod? Is that a pink colored iPod or a pick running jacket?

A buddy and I went out on our cyclocross bikes last night on Hines, we went from his house to Maramen (sp) then on the way back we did dismounted run ups (i.e. carrying our bikes) up trash hill four times, ride up one side then ride down, then carry your bike up the other side then ride down, real fun... We ended up doing some ~14 miles (I did not check my computer when we got back).

Alili said...

Don't you just love fall running:) The crisp air, the breeze, the leaves. Okay, why am I trapped at my desk?!

Just wanted to say hi, I've been reading your blog for a while and noticed that you found triathlon. Welcome to the dark side;) So cool that you want to do Steelhead-that's my A race goal for 2008!ms

Bolder said...

Hello Autumn my old friend,

da na na na...

It's good to run with you again,

da na na na...

THAT will be going through my head ALL DAY now, wait, where's my RedPod...

Jess said...

I would LOVE that kind of weather! It's perfect for running!

P.O.M. said...

Arghhhhhhhh I am so jealous. I can't wait to get out there. Still waiting for the smoke and ashes to go away. Treadmill city here.

Pat said...

What I like best is the smells. You can smell people BBQing, even cooking inside their homes. And some even have their fireplaces going. Now, it doesn't get too cold here, but I too like running this time of year.

Jenniferlyn said...

Doug - the pinkpod is my pink iPod shuffle LOVE IT!! I also have the JennPod, my 30G Video iPod, and the JennMikePod, our joint 20G 3rd gen iPod which was stolen from my in Pheonix at PF Chang' RNR Half Mary this Janury. Booooooooooo

Then Mike has his MikePod - his old 20G 3rd gen iPod.

We are sorta iPod peeps. Just a leetle.

BTW - I am a FAST member too! Awww a tri-buddy!!!!!!