Oct 25, 2007

So if my head was not screwed on, you say I would loose it, huh? Yeah probably. Or forget it at home on the sofa.

I had a wonderful workout tonight... but today was the workout that almost wasn't.

This morning when I woke up I made sure to pack everything I would need for the gym - clothes for strength training, suit for swimming, towels and shower stuffs. I felt quite accomplished.

Apparently I should have double checked my bag before I left because right around lunch I realized that I did not pack my goggles or cap for swimming. Well crap on toast. I can still get in a good leg workout.

I work some more, then head out to my car to leave. Now wait a minute... I have a horrible habit of never emptying out my car after a workout - I have like 3 gym bags, my yoga mat/bag, and roller blades in my trunk... I MUST have my swim gear in there!

After a quick check I was right. Score! Plus I found my super cute patent leather 4" heels that I have been looking for. And my white cardigan that went MIA. Double score!

I get to the gym by my house and sashayed joyfully into the locker room. I unpack my perfectly packed bag (my 4th gym bag in case you were counting) and realized that I forgot one crucial thing. Well two if you want to be technical. My shoes.

Not. Again.

Oh yes this has happened to me before. But Mike will make me workout in my socks, laughing at me while I hide from the PTs and mangers. But I digress...

While the thought of me working out in my even cuter 5" matte black shoes did cross my mind... I decided that I was sunk.

I walk up to the cardio floor to find my friends Par and Stacy and let them know that I was an idiot so I cannot do anything but swim. Enter Stacy my angel of shoe goodness.

Stacy and I work together and has become my workout buddy. She also happens to wear the exact same size of shoe I do... and much like me has multiple workout stashes in her car. My lucky day... she had a pair of kicks for me to use. Triple score!

I get dressed and by this time was a little tired so I opted to nix the swim session and do a really good leg workout. I hit everything... hammy's, hip ad- and abductors, seated squats, calf raises, the butt blaster even! And I made each movement count.

After I had successfully beaten my legs up in the good way, I decided to turn focus to my abs and make them pay for my stupidity and forgetfulness. Captain chair crunches... and ooooh it hurt so good.

After stretching out my legs and back I was done. 45:00 and my legs feel wonderful.

I have now vowed to keep my goggles and cap in my car so I always have them. Plus I will be keeping a spare set of shoes in the trunk (instead of the roller blades!) for such a forgetful occasion. Maybe I should just keep a rotating collection of gym bags stashed everywhere so I am ready whenever?

Naw... that is too much to remember.

})i({ RunnerGirl


Unknown said...

I've showed up to the pool without goggles or cap, but never ot the gym without shoes. LOL.

Unknown said...

I have had those weeks when I forget stuff too. It's so frustrating.

Stuart said...

Yep, you'll end up like me with multiple bags containing multiple sets...mind you all hell breaks loose on laundry day!

Jess said...

The only other individual who probably has my same shoe size is Smurfette. I doubt she would be at the gym -- I would've been screwed.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I worked out in hiking boots because I forgot my shoes. (And you trunk sounds like my old trunk.)

IronWaddler said...

I thought that I was the only one with multiple gym bags in my car. Love that you got it in.