Oct 23, 2007

I think that triathlon saved my life.

Today was a tough day, but it was well worth it. After a hellacious drive into work (over 1.5 hours) I was super SUPER busy all day. I actually like days like these because time flies. And because I do not have time to think about energy or tiredness, hitting the gym after a long busy day is like heaven.

Right after work I grabbed a co-worker and we headed off to the gym. I started off my upper body and ab day with.... well ..... 1 mile. In 11:22 which is not stellar, but the machine was way too technical for it's own good and I could not adjust the incline off of 7. But hey I am happy with it because I went out and added a bonus cardio activity to my strength and core day!

Sooooo..... which machine did I perform this miracle of cardio goodness you ask? The elliptical.


It is official. I sortta like the thing now. Is there a support group out there I can join?

The way I look at it is that it is just another tool in my fitness and healthy lifestyle arsenal!! I cannot complain about LIKING exercise, can I? That would be a little... well... counterproductive. ;)

After my warm up, I proceeded to bust out a very good upper body workout, then finished off with some push ups, 100 crunches, planks, and some well earned stretching.

Things are clicking my friends. This whole "workout" thing is becoming more like something I enjoy. I am here to tell you, it is possible. Oh yes non-believers... it is possible.

I feel wonderful right now. A little sore - not going to lie to you - but inside I feel like I did something good. And, like all good addictions, I cannot wait to do it again tomorrow. :)

I think that triathlon just saved my life.

Before as a solo activity participant I was CONSTANTLY running. I had to cut way back on strength training sessions because they took away from my miles on the pavement. And going to the gym AFTER a run was unheard of. Oh puh-leeze.

Now only being a runner, a swimmer, a cyclist, or a horse-rider or whatever it is that you do that you love is not a bad thing by any means. But for me personally - I need change. Correct that. I need options and variety. For as many options and variety that I had added to my running... it just was not the same. Every activity that I added took away from my running because I was ALWAYS training for my next half marathon. I have been in non-stop training since January of this year. Technically since July of LAST YEAR. And I do not maen go out and do some activity - I mean follow the plan to the "t" training.

Throughout my running career I have felt trapped and demotivated. I quit running all together for months at a time, often at 6 to 8 month stretches. However, I always came back because I love it. I love how I feel after I finish up a mile or two. And I have the endurance to partake in some pretty cool races. I have been to places I would never have gone if it were not for running and my half-marathon addiction.

I LOVE RUNNING!! I just hate the mindset I let myself get into.

It was in this past month that I realized that you have to get your head out of talk of "seasons" and training schedules. You have to look at sports and activities as an exercise in living a healthy lifestyle, and when you do that you see every activity as contributing to your health.

And as a bonus for me - each and every day I have something different to look forward to. I feel like this is a pattern that I can live with. Plus - I can keep on running for as long as my body allows!

When I say that this is something that I can live with - I do not mean settle for... I mean being able to live a long and healthy life because of all of these activities.

Now knowing that after a gruelling strength day I have a nice swim and bike to look forward to... I get excited. And then after that the next day I have a nice medium length swim planned... I get ecstatic! And knowing that Yoga is right round the corner... I nearly pee myself. I am doing different things all the time, but am increasing my abilities in each while doing it. It is the ULTIMATE two-for!

Even better - spreading my focus in three sports has allowed me to get more enjoyment out of each than if I pursued them individually. I look forward to running now. I look forward to biking. I look forward to swimming.

Every day is a new day to improve my fitness, my endurance, my health.

I honestly think that triathlon may have saved my life.

})i({ RunnerGirl


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts...they are always uplifting! Triathlon is a good addiction to have. I'm glad you're enjoying it so much :)

Hey, the little pictures of you swimming, biking and running are neat! They look like you, too!

Bolder said...


i'm with cindy. have i mentioned that i think you're a wonderful writer?

i talk about this aspect of triathlon with my friends, but don't really blog about it, and lay it out as well as you did.

there's some kinda synergy between swim/bike/run in a training mode, that makes it just work. i explain that i could NOT just run, and not possibly end up injured.

cycling strengthens your knees, running tears them down, and swimming gives them active recovery.

that's why i tell people, i'll always be a triathlete!

3000 in the pool tonight baybee! SOMA HERE I COME!!

P.O.M. said...

I hit the gym today for the first time in 4 months (was doing running training only). It was kinda fun - minus the annoying crowd that I will blog about tomorrow!

Way to go on engery level. Sometimes it's just to hard ot hit the gym after a bad day at work. But it's the best thing!

Unknown said...

You have so much enthusiasm, you almost made me want to go to the gym myself. But then I got to the end of your post and was back in my own world. LOL.

I do think triathlon training is nice because of the variety.

Jess said...

As for the elliptical: sometimes we become attracted the things/people we orginally despise. Why is that?

reddragonflystudio said...

Thanks for this. I have been going to the gym for a few weeks and today I realized I love the social aspect. We talk and walk and laugh. Its a really great break from the day. I actually look forward to working out. I look forward to working my body out or taking my body for a walk. :)

Today I ran for 3 min. I have NEVER done that before. It tired it and it felt great. You inspired me thanks!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, you’re becoming a blog Rockstar!!!! Keep up the great work.