Sep 14, 2007

Problem Solving

I did not even notice that the one guy is stepping all over the other...

Here is a little problem solving for you.

What do you get when you cross a Supplier Quality Design/Development Manger with a positive performance review and 11 years of combined manufacturing, quality, and logistics experience?

Give up?

You get a promotion offer.

And for the record, I accepted it.


21stCenturyMom said...


So does raise = new bike? Not that you need one (I have no idea) but you know....

Jenniferlyn said...


I am actually buying a new bike in the next few months since my bike was stolen!!!!

In fact, since I moved to a gated community nearly 2-years ago (which should be safer, right?) I have had two Trek bikes stolen. :(

My next will be a Giant, so maybe they will lay off. ;)

Thank you!

Pat said...

it must have been the bagels. Congrats, you deserve it.

Unknown said...

Congrads! That's awesome!