Sep 15, 2007

My dirty little secret.

Not so "dirty" really, and definitely not "double-r" dirrty (ala Christina A) ~ although I have had my moments. Misleading I know. But hey, call me a sensationalist!


My 2007 race calendar has looked something like this:

  1. Half #9 - PF CHang's RNR AZ Half Marathon - mission accomplished

  2. Half # 10 - Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon - mission accomplished

  3. Half #11 - Detroit Free Press/ New Balance International Half Marathon - 5 weeks away

Muy impressivo, no? No. And my training for these races has been as lack-luster as you can imagine - as some have witnessed first-hand *cough*DenisePatBarbMike*cough*.

PF Chang's Training consisted of: running ZERO miles. Sadly, that is not an exaggeration. Not even a casual bike ride or swim for cross-training was to have been had. I could not face a DNS. I just could not do that. I learned a lesson that I should have just watched the race to cheer on Denise and Pat, not actually attempting it myself. Oddly enough, it wasn't my worst half. Crazier things have happened in my life.

I trained much harder for the CDC in August. And we all know how training for that went. MUCH better than for PF Chang's... not as good as for the Freep last October. I beat my self-predicted finishing time by 0:07. I am talking 7 seconds people. I finished with a hard-earned smile on my face thanks to the Running Jayhawk Barb running me in to the final stretch, Denise cheering me on from the side-lines, Josh cheering me on via Denise, and my local Chicago friends coming out to run across the finish line with me. That was probably one of the most satisfying races I have ever completed. I really had pushed myself.

So here I am 5 weeks out from my favorite race EVAH and I have JUST gotten back into the training zone. It feels good. My type-A personality would not let me settle for my performances this year. I am pushing myself every day a little more and making... yes you guessed it... forward motion.

I am going to be a training machine for the next month. I got my groove back Wednesday at Master' Swim class. I kicked a lil ass Thursday with the miracle mile. 5 weeks out and I am back on track for training.

So then, what is my dirty little secret? I am running race tomorrow. This race will be my first non-13.1 miler all year. And I am GEEKED.
I have finally proven to myself that I am worth my salt (to borrow a phrase from the Romans, and my mom.) I am more than capable.

And in 5 weeks, when I cross the finish line OUTSIDE OF FORD FIELD (can you tell that I am upset about the lack of finishing on the 50-yard line INSIDE?) HM #11 will be in the books, and I will be stronger than ever.



Pat said...

good luck on your race. You do need to give me your next two pics for the 'biggest loser fantasy league'. I need it by tuesday.

Unknown said...

Jenn, you will rock at your next race. You know that you can do it!

Bolder said...

hey! did you know me, Nytro and Benny ran Changs AZ? we raced together!!

good luck on this next one.

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you everyone... I am getting ready to head out right about now.

And Bold - I had no idea! Well, I guess that it was nice racing with ya! ;)

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

You definitely have the right attitude heading into your next race.

Good luck!