Sep 14, 2007

Bagel Anarchy!

So what happens when someone forgets to bring in bagels to their office on a Friday? I just got a glimpse into that world, and it is not pretty.

Program managers and admins alike start to freak out, loosing control of their programs. Engineers in front of tubes start to unravel creating obsurd designs for parts that cannot possibly be made. The plant stops being able to manufacture parts, and likewise shuts down the entire pipeline to the customer resulting in no cars being made.

The global economy stops effectively.

Or, at least that is what you would think sitting here, overhearing the President's admins ridicule a manger for forgetting that it was her day to bring the bagels. Apparently, forgetting the bagels is an unforgiveable sin. Forget the fact that the manager was busy this week with, you know, doing her JOB.

The manager ended up going out to get said bagels only to be yelled at again as she did not pick up knives.

The world just may end today.


Pat said...

I bought some new tires for my suv yesterday. They had a great big sale going. So big I thought about buying 8 tires, instead of 4. I asked why and they said the car manufactures dropped their orders for new tires by 50% and they had the surplus. I asked why that was and the guy shrugged his shoulders and said something about offices in Detroit not having bagels. So, I guess we can surmise that when you folks don't get your bagels, tire prices fall in the desert. It's amazing how the US economy works.

I also heard there was a shortage of bagels in the Michigan offices of one, Lloyd Carr. But,hey I may just be making this all up.

Bolder said...


great post. thanks for the smile.

Ian said...

Don't even bother trying to talk to me if you forget the bagels on bagel day.

Jenniferlyn said...

Pat - that was just hillarious!

Everyone else - crisis averted. Somehow the world is still here. But.. but... how?

Stuart said...

To funny, my thinking is; bagels are round, the world goes round - does that mean that bagels make the world go round? If so what's the hole...or should it be the whole?

ps Congrats on the promotion!

Jenniferlyn said...

Danka SLB+!

I think that you may be on to something there...

Have you ever been to a meeting without bagels? I mean mornign meetings of course. ;)

Stuart said...

No but I have been to a couple of meetings without bagels that turned into mourning meetings!

Jenniferlyn said...

WOW. I totally was not expecting that comeback!

:) Now that was good.