Jul 6, 2006

Sparkler vs. the Fireworks.

Yesterday I ran 2 miles with my virtual trainer on my Garmin Forerunner 201.

OK AGAIN, let me tell you how much I adore this! I put in my distance - 2 miles - and my desired finish time - 30 minutes (I have been out of practice again, so I decided that this will motivate me to run more and more and to get a baseline of where I need to be next run.)

Mile 1 I finished in 13:36 - and averaged .11 miles ahead of my virtual trainer. On the return mile, I finished in 12:45 and averaged .22 miles ahead of my virtual trainer.

I know know that next run I will set it at 26 minutes and try to stay with the runner. The next time I will set it for 25 minutes, then 24 minutes - down to 22 minutes for the total 2 miles.

My goal for a 5k is 35 minutes, as this was my average for the 5k distance last year and the year prior. My ultimate goal is to get to 31 minutes a 5k. For the 10 miler coming up in August, I will set my distance and train for 12 minutes per mile. I feel that that is feasible and will still push me at this re-birth of running.

My best Crim time was about 2:05 or so, so I would like to get back there. One thing I got to thinking about during this, is how I am running much more than walking, and that the place I run at (outside) is VERY hilly. I know my times are slower because of this.

Also, this fourth of July holiday had me realize something else. While watching the fireworks in the sky, I thought about how each explosion and burst of color is similar to how I need to approach my running... I start out quick, too quickly sometimes, and as I reach explosion - I burst into action at the end.

The colors of the fireworks linger in the sky for all to see and admire, but I just sort of go *poof* and sap out my energy until the end when I sprint to the finish line to make up a few seconds. Not a spectacular sight, and definitely not choreographed to music.

Maybe I need to be more of a slow-burning sparkler - get into my grove, then let my colors linger for all to see as I make it the distance.

So how do you run? Like a fireworks display, pounding the pavement with explosion only to fizzle out? Or are you like a sparkler, once lit you burn the pavement for the distance, letting your running linger for all to see, burning at a predictable and constant pace?

Sparkle on my friends,



Anonymous said...

Ive let my running sparkler fizzle but you can always light another one, right! Good post, thanks for sharing, G

Jenniferlyn said...

THat's how I look at it! Isn't that why they sell them in multi-packs? ;)

Sparkle on G!