Jun 20, 2007

Wednesday training... completed.

It helps when I read my training schedule correctly. Tonight's run was 2 miles, not 3. *wipes eyes* Maybe I need to start wearing my glasses, eh? I did those two miles with a lot of intensity variation. Everything from walking to give-it-all-I-got sprinting.

Is there any better feeling in the world then your legs after a good solid kicked-some-ass run? I think not. I feel... amazing. Refreshed. So freaking happy. *giggles* I think that this is the very beginning of that runner's high.. oh how I have missed that feeling! I am actually all tingly inside. *blushes* I love running.

2 miles and I am dripping of sweat. AWESOME.

I really pushed hard out there, although I finished in 24 and change... yes that averages out to 12 minute miles again... so I think that it all sort of evens out. I live in an extremely hilly area - I would love to find a flat stretch just to get in some 2-4 milers. The hunt begins!

Tomorrow's 4 miler I am going to stick to around 11:45. Ok - so I will try it at least! The worst that will happen is that I don't succeed... but big deal. I am getting out there and doing it anyways.

I do have a question for all of you peeps out here in blogland. Or rather being the nerdy engineer that I am... I have a hypothesis to run by you.

I really have been strugging with running straight through, even at these short distances. I have not had this problem in a long time, but this time I wonder - is it because I have been walking 3-4 miles at lunch with co-workers? I mean today alone my legs have put over 6 miles on them. Tomorrow it will be between 7 and 10. Maybe on my running days I should not walk at lunch? Or should I run at morning time, so my legs are fresh? Hmmm... what do you all think?

Man oh man - does this mean that I will have to set my alarm at 5:00AM... and actually NOT hit snooze until 7AM? *sigh* Well, if that is what it is going to take. ;) I guess I am worth it. LOL.

Happy running to you all!!!

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