Jun 20, 2007

Wednesday training... completed.

It helps when I read my training schedule correctly. Tonight's run was 2 miles, not 3. *wipes eyes* Maybe I need to start wearing my glasses, eh? I did those two miles with a lot of intensity variation. Everything from walking to give-it-all-I-got sprinting.

Is there any better feeling in the world then your legs after a good solid kicked-some-ass run? I think not. I feel... amazing. Refreshed. So freaking happy. *giggles* I think that this is the very beginning of that runner's high.. oh how I have missed that feeling! I am actually all tingly inside. *blushes* I love running.

2 miles and I am dripping of sweat. AWESOME.

I really pushed hard out there, although I finished in 24 and change... yes that averages out to 12 minute miles again... so I think that it all sort of evens out. I live in an extremely hilly area - I would love to find a flat stretch just to get in some 2-4 milers. The hunt begins!

Tomorrow's 4 miler I am going to stick to around 11:45. Ok - so I will try it at least! The worst that will happen is that I don't succeed... but big deal. I am getting out there and doing it anyways.

I do have a question for all of you peeps out here in blogland. Or rather being the nerdy engineer that I am... I have a hypothesis to run by you.

I really have been strugging with running straight through, even at these short distances. I have not had this problem in a long time, but this time I wonder - is it because I have been walking 3-4 miles at lunch with co-workers? I mean today alone my legs have put over 6 miles on them. Tomorrow it will be between 7 and 10. Maybe on my running days I should not walk at lunch? Or should I run at morning time, so my legs are fresh? Hmmm... what do you all think?

Man oh man - does this mean that I will have to set my alarm at 5:00AM... and actually NOT hit snooze until 7AM? *sigh* Well, if that is what it is going to take. ;) I guess I am worth it. LOL.

Happy running to you all!!!

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Pat said...

Hi Jen, Hope you're doing well. I think we just take more walk breaks when it's hotter out. If you like the lunch time walks, I'd keep them up.


Jenniferlyn said...

eah that makes sense. As does the slower pace when it is hot. What does Galloway ay? Run a pace that is 30 seconds slower than your base-pace for EVERY 5* above 60?

Man oh man. I rather run in teh cold than the heat! BUT - I need to get back into heat training. August will soon be here. ;)

Unknown said...

Hot?? It was perfect running weather. I love running in the summertime. My question to you is why are you taking the walk breaks? Is it physical or mental? Those leg muscles are going to carry you the rest of your life. Slow your roll, and think negative splits.

TNT Coach Ken

teacherwoman said...

I love reading your posts and your goals...

maybe try going a week where you run in the morning and walk during your lunch. See how that affects your legs and your running. Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, maybe you should walk only on non-running days... or simply reduce your walking mileage so you don't overdo anything.

WOW, a tri! That's great! Someday I'd like to try one as well, but of course when I have more time. I'm also planning, when the time comes, to get back to 13.1 miles, if not just to 10 miles.

You're a really active person, I admire you for that! :) I cannot imagine myself training every single day...

Ilary (halfmarathongirl)

Anonymous said...

i recommend trying the am runs, especially if you have some short 2 milers that you can do. it takes a little umph in the morning to get up (i am a marathon snoozer), but it is quite satisfying to get it out of the way in the morning...then your lunch walks seem like excellent gravy.

good job on pushing it...i am sure you can hit 11:45, you ass-kicker, you.

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you ALL!