Jun 20, 2007

Reflections in the wading pool of life - Running

I slept for over 9 hours last night. This means that I missed my 5:00AM alarm for my 3 miler. Instead I slept through it... for almost 2 hours. Why am I so tired?

I came into work and everyone was yawning. A'ight. I don't feel so bad then. Which makes me happy actually because today is an accomplished day already and I have not even set out on my 3-miler. (Yeah, I now have to do it this afternoon before the gym.) I walked a total of 4 miles at lunch.

I broke through the 3.4 mile barrier finally! *celebrate with me y'all!* It was much cooler than usual. A nice breeze was present, there was more shade than usual, and more people were out and about today. We also went earlier due to my 1:00PM meeting back at the office, which ended up being cancelled anyhow. All in all it was a great break in the day.

While out on this walk, my co-worker Stacy and I always talk about school (we are both GMI Alums), home life and work (we both live in Farmington Hills with our boyfriends, and we are in the same division at work) as well as health in general.

So there we are walking and talking and I tell Stacy about my entrance into the world of triathlon. We then talk about swimming (she is a swimmer) and biking, and I think how wonderful it would be to go lay out at the pool tonight, and maybe do my first mini-workout of 5 X 25 or 5 X 50 just for fun. Then I had to stop myself. Oh yeah – I have to get in 3miles, cook dinner, eat and hit the gym - all in the span of 3 hours. No time left for the pool or swimming, at least not at home. Maybe I can swing it at Bally's, but I am already going to be spending over an hour there for the run and strength training... and Mike had to work a freaking double today so he has been up since 3AM. OK – no swim for me tonight! ;)

This thinking really made me decide to rank my races into "A", "B", and "C" brackets. I think that this will help clarify my goals for training and running, as right now I am treating the CDC the same as the Freep. So not the case.

"A" Races
"A" races are the main reasons I am training. My 'MUST-DO" runs. The 'big" events.
CRIM 10 miler (PR goal)
Detroit Free Press/NB Half Marathon (PR goal)

Chicago Distance Classic (CDC) (just get out and have fun!)

"B" Races
"B" races are those that will help me get to the "A" races, are ones that I really want to do, but am not married to them.
Chicago Half

"C" Races
"C" races are strictly to go and do – no heart break if I do not do them. The Flying Pig was a "C" race for me.
Phedippidations Worldwide Half Marathon
BAA Boston Half (Visit my friend EJ and have fun)
Run with Donna Marathon (may do half due to Tri and Du season – conflicts in training)

No matter what - The day that the run stops being fun is the day that I know that I am loosing sight of the goal. I am only racing against me in this – no one else. And that is so wonderful and freeing!

Off for a nice 3 miler!

})i({ RunnerChica

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