Jun 21, 2007

Enlightenment on the run

I did it. 4 miles as planned. All my week-day runs are complete! All that is left to do is a 6-miler this weekend.

I really appreciate all of your comments and suggestions for my walking issue. Heck I realy appreciate your comments period. The support I have gotten here is unparalleled. Or however you spell it. Seriously.

I have an answer for you Ken - I did a lot of thinking about what you asked, WHY exactly is it that I have been taking walking breaks? Mental or physical? Well... it appears to be a little of both.

Somehow I managed to move to the middle of M.C. Escher land... where everything is up-hill. Including the down-hills.

Today I ran 1.67 mile UPHILL before I finally had to walk due to the pure hatred brewing inide of me. Well that and my right leg (shin) was really starting to be tender. I walked for just under 0.15 miles, then ran to about mile 2.3 or so. It is then when I hit the next 2 miles of hills. Oh yes - net UP hill.

I think that this is the reason why I have been walking the past two days during the runs... they are all on hills! Now why this is pretty good for hidden speedwork - it really does take a lot of energy. I mean. a lot. of. energy. *sigh* oh me so drained now. Plus running too many hill is not good for the knees or legs. And I am startin' to feel it taking a toll on me. My right leg (shin) is still tender. Hmmm.

Pat - it has barely broke 80* here the past two nights, so um yeah - Ken blew up my spot. It is PERFECT running weather. Not the 102* like you are seeing. I thought that I could hide in the weather - even given that it is nice here. Not so much!

So I think my problem has been a combination of everything, really. Tired legs (from walking the 4 milers at lunch), [way] too many hills, pushing a little too hard out of the gate, all resulting in physical as well as mental tiredness.

So I am going to incorporate all of your suggestions.
  • I am going to walk only on non-running days.
  • I am going to get in my shorter runs (under 4 miles) in the AM (that is a start!), and
  • I am going to find a nice quasi-flat area to run at when I do evening/afternoon runs.

I may start running on the trail I walk during lunch as it is so flat... just wide open to sun, little wind, and pretty hot. LOL... well I guess that I really have no perfect solution. At this stage in the game I am still on trial-and-error. Like I said before I want to make all of these mistakes NOW, not come race time!

I am feeling pretty good after my run, but my loathing for the hills has returned for tonight. I am only 50 some days out from the race, but I now that I am on track. I feel good knowing that I am following my plan. I have faith in this plan. I sort of like this plan. NO DEVIATING FROM THE PLAN!

Next week is a repeat of this week - 4, 2, and 4 miles (7 at the weekend). My goal is to run the 6 miles this Sunday straight through - so I will be keeping it LOW and SLOW (thank you Big Cheese!) Time aint nuttin' but a number. ;)

As Ken said - I gotta slow my roll a bit. I have all year to gain speed... right now, I need that endurance pace. So if it is gonna be 12 minute miles or more - so be it! I am young (relatively I guess). I am in this for the long haul. And I think that these are two things that make for a decent journey!

Plus as a goal check - I still really enjoyed my run tonight!

I hope that everyone is having a great week! Tomorrow is a cardio rest day. *wipes brow* Thank you.... oh lovely plan.

~ })i({ RunnerGirl ~

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