May 21, 2007

A nice easy run on a Monday evening

Today I managed to walk for about 30 minutes at lunch. After work Mike and I hit the gym - he to the track and I to run outside. And I did. And It clicked.

It clicked again.

I ran all the way through my 15 minute run. I know that that does not seem like a lot - but honestly... I could have gone so much farther, but I was ready to get my strengthtraining (chest and tris) done, and head out to dinner.

It feels so good to have felt my groove again. I felt like myself again. I felt that joy of running continuously and feeling like some amazing power took a hold of me and guided me through. And it felt... good.

Not going to lie to you all... I was worried, but I know that I have it in me. ;) I am RunnerGirl. And that is how I roll.

Tomorrow I will run for 20 minutes, then 25, then 30 then 35, and keep on going like that until I start my half marathon training the week of June 12th or so.

Keep on running!
})i({ RunnerGirl


Unknown said...

Congrads, Jenn. Way to go!

E-Speed said...

sounds like a good 30 minutes to me! I love your header!

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you both! :0) I am getting my groove back baby!!!!