May 20, 2007

Cleaning up on a semi-crappy Sunday.

My goal wa to do a nice 5 miler out at Kennsington. HOWVER - I am 3 weeks out from starting my training officially. AND - my office at home has been a compelte mess for 2 years now.


SO - today I opted to ditch the 5-miler (it is cold and dreary and not so nice out right now) and clean the office once and for all. And it is done! For the most part. I can see the huge desk we have (it i one of those large "L" shaped ones), I can see all of our book in nice neat order, and I moved around a bit of furniture. I definitely got in a workout today!

What prompted this? Returning to school for one. And being sick and tired of having amessy messy office for another. I need order in my ofice pace. And once Mike adn I moved in together 2 Christmas's ago - we crammed both of our stuff into this one room. It has become the junk room if you will.

He has his game system and TV in here, I have my books and painting supplies in here.

When I lived solo my office was where I studied, where I painted, and where I did work. Mike never had a 2-bedroom place, so his desk and everything was in one room - his living room.

I am not complaining - but honestly he is so used to jut piling everything into one area - whereas I have rooms designated for different things. And yes, this has been an ongoing battle since we moved in to the new place. I am clean and orderly. Mike is... well.. I love him to death - but he is not. :)

I feel more at ease in a clean environment. And now I feel like our office is truly that. A nice break away from everything else.

Let us just see if we can keep it there!

So running for today - nill. BUT - I did get in a workout!

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