May 22, 2007

What the *BEEP* was I thinking?

Courtesy of the "B-Chip", this blog has been edited for family viewing. This blog entry is rated "G".

Tonight I went out for a 30 minute or 3 mile run. I ended up doing 3.18 miles which in itself rocked... but it took me over 40 minutes. Why? Oh maybe because it is 40% humidity and freaking hot as hades out there. I was loosing energy and fast. But I did it! And I enjoyed it!!!

I did not hate the walking (I ran straight throguh - well attempted to, I did not do ratio run/walking this run) at all. I looked at the walking breaks as neccessary actions to keep from overheating. In the first mile alone I drank 1/2 my water and dumped the other 1/2 on my head. Walking = not passing out. I cannot wait to see how I do in the middle of July!!

Which brings me to the topic at hand - morning vs. dusk running. I think that I need to start running when it gets cooler. Either first thing in the morning, or at dusk. Thi srunning at peak sun exposure hours is not so good.

I know that I posted earlier (a few weeks ago) about running in the AM, then doing my ST in the evenings, but honestly time is no longer an issue. I can get in a decent run before Mike even gets home. So in effect it works out perfectly. Except for the crazy heat that is.

I ran last year in 100* weather - without hydrating mind you - and had to be driven back to my car because I could not function. I never claimed to be the smartest runner!

SO I do not think that mornign running is going to work out being that I am sleep deprived as it is... OK I just love my sleep. Always have. But I am afraid of eating too late after a night run.

Maybe we need to eat dinner, then hit the gym, THEN go for my run?

I don't know. What do you suggest?

})i({ RunnerGirl

PS - I am seriously starting to hate the song "Rockin' in the free world". Why? Oh because last year I would run up this crazy big hill listening to that song. Well last night I did something different. I took out the PinkPod (my pink iPod shuffle) and let it randomly autofil the unit. Today as I went out for my run, having no idea what content was on it, I let it play on shuffle. It was so entertaining. Then I approached a bohemeth of a hill... which brought back memories of Rockin' in the free World.. and then... that exact song came on. Seriously. Man my iPod is psychic! Either that or Neil Young has it out for me. })i({


Unknown said...

It's not even summer yet! I too, was caught off-guard by this heat. I'm not a good morning runner, but I do it. Keep up the great work.

TNT Coach Ken

Unknown said...

Hydrate very well well before you run. It really makes a huge difference. Plus make sure you are fueled as well. Maybe you should think about bringing it indoors for a while.

E-Speed said...

I just eat late dinners but you may want to eat your dinner in two sittings, half about 2 hours before your night run and half directly afterwards.