Apr 26, 2007

slowly getting the groove back

Tuesday Evening I ran for 30 minutes (YIPPEE!!) Yes folks you heard me... I RAN for 30 minutes. Well, technically run/walk, but I am following the C25K program, but did it on hills. Now THAT ads a challenge. ;)

After the run I jumped in my car, and headed out to my haven of universal machines... a place I like to call Ballys. Here I met up with Mike and proceeded to get in 30-45 minutes of legs and shoulders.

Niiiice. Very, very, niiiice.

I am starting to feel it. Maybe it is all emntal, but I feel great. I look forward to the gym. I am excited about health. WOW. That is all I can really say. WOW.

Last night I nixed cardio and decided on just doing back and bi's. 25 minutes of that, stretched out, did a quick ab workout, and then headed off to dinner.

Now here is where I celebrate. Mike and I went to CPK - California Pizza Kitchen. I posted up on the WW Forums yesterday about tests. We are on the plan, which ever one that amy be, but we live in the REAL world. And that real world does not count items by points. It is up to us to be armed and ready with knowledge and the science behind the plan, the system, that allows us to be successful in any situation.

I looked at this as pop quiz of sorts. I went through the steps.

1 - looked up nutritional info for CPK. Good luck there. The best I could find was for their frozen pizza items.
2- decided on the new mango tandoori chicken pizza as it hass fruits veggies, and grilled chicken on it. And it is topped with a mango/cilantro puree. YUMMY.
3 - ordered it "Neo" style which is thin crusted. It comes out larger, so I still count each slice as 7 points. ;)

I ate 4 of the 6 pieces because I was famished from the workout, but I sided the 'za up with a salad with FF Balsamic Vinagrette for dipping my fork into.

I came well within points for the week, and Thursday, today, is my last day of this week before my points rest. I have like 15 flex points left. Liek I said, I did good!

I consider myself passing the pop quiz. ;) It was a spendy meal in terms of point values, but it was worth it, and I do not feel deprived, and lets just say that I had the bank account for it.

So that is my update on the past two days. Learning some science, learning some skills, gaining some tools. A few more each day.

I have decided to arm myself with the tools neccessary to break down these walls of limitations I have surrounded myself with. No more limits. Here is to limitless health. Here is to allowing the inner beauty to break free!

Keep on running,

PS - Tonight I am completing (wrapping up) week 2 of the C25K program (I had a small setback), and then working out Chest and Tris. I will report out on this all later tonight!


Backofpack said...

You are doing great! I love the new attitude and even more - the joy in your posts. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

You have the right attitude. Way to go!