Apr 5, 2007

Motivation comes in a new form....

The sight of me this evening in a pink tank top and a long jean skirt is enough to justify my actions in getting back into running.

WOW... so NOT cute.

Oh the joys of inactivity...

So how exactly does one jump up 40lbs in just 2 months? *shudders* I am just concentrating on getting this weight off, and trying to form those habits which will keep the weight off permenantly. I am so sick of this darned yo-yo of weight I have battled my whole life.

So-long are the days of my size 6 body. But that does not mean that I need to settle for the body I have now.

What a wake up call. But alas... I WILL do it this year. I just need to work a bit harder at it... and no more lazy arsed excuses. 5 weekss of being sick taught me that I need to overcome obstacles.. and really make them passable, if they cannot be avoided.

Good night all - I am exhausted and so not looking forward to work tomorrow. However, tomorrow is my "Friday" due to the holiday I get a 3 day weekened. Niiiiice.
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