Apr 4, 2007



That is my total of miles ran in both training and races as of 4/3/07. My lifetime miles. *sigh* Wow.

When you break things down into what you have really accomplished - it is amazing. I have ran, since I started running in December of 2002, over 1200 miles.

Let us break that down. Just a wee bit. (Please bare with me!)

That is the equivalent of nearly 49 marathons, nearly 98 half-marathons, nearly 128 10-mile races, nearly 156 5-milers, or nearly 411 5-K runs.

And you wonder why my legs look like they do? LMAO. Well... genetics... but also a healthy dose of running.

My goal for 2007 is to hit the 1500 mark. That means that I need to run 223 miles to break it. OK, dear friends, exactly what does that mean? Well if I was to start to join the streakers club - I would have to run an average of 6.2 miles a week, which is 25 miles a month. Wee! Doable!

It helps that I am in training - a long and I do mean looooong training for a few halfs this year - I have 3 (Chicago Distance, Detroit NB, Chicago Half) that I am doing for sure, and a potential 4th in Boston (BAA Half).

So this brings me to the topic of goals. Ahhh... those silly little fluffy things we proclaim in the heat of the moment, only wishing later that we could take it back. Or for some, they are set so low that we have no motivation to aim for them at all... it is a given that we will reach them. No matter what the goals are - we all need to remember one thing - at least we took aim and tried. Reach them or not - you attempted something. And that is pretty great.

"The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in
having no goal to reach. It isn't a calamity to die with dreams unfilled, but it
is a calamity not to dream. It is not disgrace to reach the stars, but it is a
disgrace to have no stars to reach for."

- Benjamin E. Mays
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