Apr 5, 2007

I said that I feel "tubby", not like "tubbs"

I saw a very close-to-home-hitting quote from Mahatma Gandhi today that seems very appropriate. He said, The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems. Really now. So I think I am going to start random Quote Thursdays. Just to give a boost of motivation at an awkward by most people's standards, time of the week. On the weight loss front I actually threatened Mike today, letting him know that I will be leaving for the gym as soon as I get home. If he is there he is welcome to come with but I am not waiting this night! Three nights now I have missed the gym due to a very late coming home Mike. I want to motivate him, so I wait for him to go, but now I think that we will need two seperate workout schedules. That is fine though... no worries! Well I am off to do more "work"! Just got my Metropark pass so I will also be heading out to Kensington next week. Life is good!

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