Apr 2, 2008

TheThe Angel of Health and Triathlon is stalking me.

I have to say - this has been an odd few months.

I am starting to get the hint oh crazy angel of triathlon and health. I get it OK? I can do this. And while I am grateful for all of the subtle (and not so subtle) hints at my abilities and the whole revelation about finding faith in myself... you can chill a little and spread the wealth to another tri-chica who needs your light. Jingle the bell and go get your wings... your job here is done.

As my partner in crime Lana told me today - it is as if someone really wants me to do triathlons.

You see, I am not the girl who wins anything. I never have been the one that gets picked for anything cool, or who had things fall into place. Everything that has happened to me I have made happen.

It is to the point now that I am wondering where this is all coming from. Is it the manifestation of all of my positive thinking and hard work (hello law of attraction!)? Or is it something bigger?

It is as if someone turned on the light in the lighthouse and is guiding me into the harbor safe and sound.

I don't know how to put all of these small things into alignment and make sense of them in the big picture sort of way, but I am proof that if you want it bad enough and you think positively about your passions... things will come your way.

You have to be ready though.

Up until now? I was not ready. Now? I am ready.

Runner's World is publishing one of my motivational tips in the May issue, so they sent me a t-shirt. Score! Albeit it is a size "small" and I am too well endowed to consciously wear it in public, it is still cool that I earned a t-shirt from one of my favorite magazines. The t-shirt - as simple as it is - serves as a reminder that I can never give up on myself and who I am. I need to keep my nose to the grindstone and realize that I am capable... as well as able.

This year I overcame my fear of swimming in a pool - and along the way have learned that I have a natural swimming ability. I guess I still feel that I am an impostor in the world of swimmers... but at the end of the day coach's compliments and make me feel as if I may not be an impostor after all. In fact, lately I have been craving a good honest swim.

So much so that I was concerned about my early season open water swims (OWS for short) because of the water temperatures and me not wanting to drop down a few hundred on a wetsuit my first tri season.

I actually decided to do the Ann Arbor tri over the Motor City tri because I didn't want to be in the cold rough waters of the Detroit River without a wetsuit. So imagine my surprise when I get an email from our girl, the Running Jayhawk Barb congratulating me on my new wetsuit.

Hmmm? What?

Apparently over on BT where we are members, when you write a gear review you are entered into a random drawing for gear. Like really sweet gear. Like kick ass expensive and useful gear. Such as what Barb and I both won.... WETSUITS!!!! Jayhawk won the full sleeved version and I the sleeveless.

I am still not doing Motor City (wanted the jersey and had to register by 4/1 to get one) - but now I have all of the swim equipment I will be needing for any tri and OWS that could come my way.

Also, while in Florida I was able to eek out a crazy open water ocean swim. Crazy in that it was CHOPPY as heck and made me grateful that I am a bilateral breather. I was out for 45 minutes and finally just decided to ride waves and then swim in the tranquility pool.

I was feeling the laps I did in the pool as well as the swim I did in the ocean. I felt like a real swimmer. I felt like a triathlete. I felt great. All I needed was my bike to ride down the A1A in Del Ray Beach and I would have been all set.

Speaking of my bike I should thank Sweet T for my new wetsuit as it was my review of her that won. I thanked her by taking her out for a quick 30 minute ride outside.

I love my bike!

I was on a low coming back from vacay - I didn't want to resume training and wanted to lounge in the sun and hit the beach. Then I woke up and realized that I am back in Michigan and that I have work to do. Biking to be done. Swimming to get accomplished. Running to revel in. I have a half marathon, a duathlon and a triathlon all in two months time. I got shiznit to do and I need to get it done the right way.

Hopping on Sweet T this afternoon and reflecting on all the things that have come my way made me want this even more. No records here - just the desire to push myself in a healthy way and really grab life by the horns.

I did some re-evaluation while on the bike. I have take this weekend's Meteor 10K off of the list. I can complete it and without a doubt PR - but I just don't want to. I need to get in some more time on the bike and I want to get in some swimming with FAST, this race just is not going to fit into those plans.

I cannot explain it but I am all about quality of my runs and races now - not quantity. I am on the fence about the 5 miler at the end of the month, but am excited that I have started my half marathon training. I think that I am going to pare down my race schedule and really put a good effort into this season.

Life is a journey that I am planning on enjoying for a long time!

Oh - we are going back to Florida in August - and I am off to Mexico in two weeks! :o) Life is so hard, right?


Melissa said...

WTG on the wetsuit!! That's awesome! I've started saving my pennies because I'll be buying one at some point in the few few months. I've signed up for my first tri which takes places in mid-October.

Doug said...

So, I guess you got my message(s) :).

People are drawn to you like moths to the flame and you know not why.

Wait, you won a wetsuit... see things fall into place without even trying (ok you wrote an article). And what is the URL to your article????????????????

Hey, wear the t-shirt, it will fit :), they gave it to you at no cost, so you have to wear it :), either that or sell it on eBay.

Mexico? Work sending you to Mexico?

You swimming this weekend since you are not racing?

Doug said...
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Sherry said...

Well said!

The journey that we take to become a triathlete involves so much more than just the physical training.

I wrote in my most recent blog about the revelation that I had when I finished my 8-mile run (longest run ever for me). I was like, "who is this girl?"

It's truly amazing!

Keep up the great work! You are brave to OWS in Florida. I live here and OW swims scare me a bit b/c of the jellyfish and other 'stinging' creatures that lurk out there (not to mention all of the leftover fishing gadgets that turn up).

Doug said...


SM said...

Congrats on the wetsuit and T-shirt! Wicked cool.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

*SIGH*  Another runner falls victim to the triathalon trend.