Apr 13, 2007

I did it... I took the first step.

So I did it. I joined WeightWatchers Online. I know I know... but I had to do something to recalibrate my body and my relationship with food.

Years of eating disorders and a real messed up attitude towards food and comfort have left my waistline suffering. I am back on track for running. I am back on track with everything else in my life - just not the weight issues.

I am sick of whining and complaining and looking for the easy way out. I am working out consistently now - at least 4 to 5 days a week. I am running 3 days a week as well. In addition to the strength training and running, I am sneaking in bonus cardio throughout the week as well.

So why am I still fat? Oh - it could have something to do with 3lbs of cookie dough, chocolate coming out of my ears, and my unquenchable hunger for sweet goodiness. Blech.

My eating structure is what needs to be changed now. I cannot slide down that slippery slope to wake up the demon. What I need is a lifestyle change in all 360* of me. Not a portion, not a segment, not a ray... but all of it.

Clothing - check
Exercise - check
Attitude - check
Education - check
Finances - check
Eating - hmmmm? what? Oh! Look! A birdie!

I have worked soooo hard in the past few years to really REALLY get to where I needed to be on all levels personally and professionally - somehow I let the eating portion go to heck. And yes I mean go to all sorts of hellish places bordering on just plain sick.

How obese can I get? My BMI, by the way - is at an all time high - it is 36. 36 people! That is OBESE.

For your reference:
BMI Categories:
Underweight = <18.5 weight =" 18.5-24.9" overweight =" 25-29.9" obesity =" BMI">

But maintaining the weight is what is hardest for me. I can gain and loose poundage easily when I try (key word being to "try"). But I sooner or later (usually sooner) get back into sweet toothed mode and eat myself outta cheesecake faster than you can say - GROSS! I know - but true story. been there done that... lost 60 lbs to prove it.

Here are to the baby steps we must take in life. Making long term mental changes. Here is not to hoping, but rather to stating... I WILL DO IT.

BTW - the best thing on YouTube right now is called "A Fat Rant". Check it out. It is funny/seriously/PSA/rant all in one.


Backofpack said...

Good for you! Remember - take it one day at a time. You can always get through one day of healthy, balanced eating. And if you miss one day, no biggie, because you are going to tackle the next one, one day at a time. For me, it's like running - I can always go one more mile - that the jaunt from the end of the road to home. So when I'm struggling, I think one mile at a time. You'll do great!

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Unknown said...

Good for you, Jenn. WW is awesome. You can do it. Both Josh and I are WW veterans. I lost 45 with it and kept most of the weight off for 5 years.