Jan 16, 2007

Tomorrow - my first run on my new training.

Wooooo! My calf is a li'l sore still, but I am good enough to get out and do SOMETHING. This race did exactly what I had hoped - reenergized baby!

I will be starting my Hal Higdon Intermediate training program, with hills, speedwork, and distance. I am very excited. Time to face my speedwork deamons in the face and tell them where to go!

In fact I will be training my friend Par in running now - the plan is for her to do the Flying Pig 5k or even 10k in May.

I will be in the half marathon, hopefully a friend of ours, Amanda will either be doing the half or full, and with Par that makes for a very enjoyable trip!

Who all here is doing the Pig? I see Running Rabbit is... any others??? I was debating about either dong the Pig again, or the Minnie marathon (how cute is that???) in Disney the same weekend. But if I run the Pig again, I can count it for KY this year. So that is what I will do!

My goal for the Pig is a steady 2:40. The first thing I want to buy for myself is a Garmin 305. I need a HRM badly, and this way I will give my Garmin 201 to either Par or Amanda.

Oh well, enough of my babble - have a good evening!
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