Jan 24, 2007

Oh the places I've Ran!

In my lifetime I have ran

Out on Mission Point Penninsula,
Through the ghettos of Flint,
On the "Bricks",
Through cemetaries,
Through open fields in Frankenmuth,
Over countless hills,
In downtown Chicago,
In Mexico,
Over the Detroit River,
Through Windsor,
Under the Detroit River,
Through Detroit,
In five metroparks in Michigan,
For 4 hours in a blizzard, alone, and without music,
Through many industrial parks,
Over miles and miles of trails,
Through hell,
With injury,
Wearing a skirt during lunch,
On the Indianapolis Motor Speedway,
Over two bridges between Cincinatti, OH and Covington, KY,
With a flying pig or two,
In Boston and Reading, MA,
On the beach in Virginia,
Through the desert,
Past cacti and rocks and palm trees,
Through too many to count snow and rain storms,
On the hottest day of the year,
On the coldest day of the year,
On my birthday,
On New Years Eve,
On every day of the week.
First thing int he morning,
Last thing at night,
On a track,
On a treadmill,
On medication,

In my life I have ran in more places and seen more things than I ever thought I would. Keep on running your journey! Take time to reflect all the places you have been and all the things you have seen!


Unknown said...

WOW! That's a long list!

Pat said...

Great list. I'll have to compile mine. It's sounds like the Dr. Seuss book "Ah, the places I will go" (i think)

Arizona, USA