Jan 24, 2007

Running out Epilepsy. My greater purpose in running.

There is not a running charity program for the Epilepsy Foundation of America, so I am starting my own!

Here is to the birth of Running Out Epilepsy. And here is to many more years of being siezure free!

I have set up a webpage to collect donations for the Epilepsy Foundation of America. The page tells a little bit about my story, and why it is so important to raise funds for the foundation and to advocate on behalf of all people with epilepsy.

Mine is but one of many stories of people who have discovered that they have it and never knew it until things got bad. I have AIWS, which is a rare but very very mild form of temporal lobe epilepsy. I am siezure free and able to go about my life normally, but many are not.

On this site you can donate money or read a little more. I also started a new blog - Run out Epilepsy to help spread the word. We are surely talking about grassroots here!

Thank you all for your support and positive comments!
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