Sep 14, 2006

Ingenuity and Running -

Nowadays, you can really see how creative people are becoming with cataloging their lives.

One thing that I stumbled upon and really have come to enjoy are running pod casts. My favorite being Phedippidations at

In this running podcast, he actually records his runs and talks through them about things he thinks about during his distance runs. Each podcast is an hour long, has his thoughts, music interludes,
and real informative topics.

Of all the running podcasts I have heard this one takes the cake! It is the perfect length, entertaining, and you can tell he has a lot to bring to the table in terms of info, amusement, and

It is truly an audio blog. He even called into a radio show during his running of a marathon. This guy is great!

So next time you are looking for some good running music why not try on some pod casts for size? This one fits just right.

Listen on!

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