Sep 12, 2006

Smiles today

I am super excited today! I just feel accomplished and proud of myself for taking my training serisously.

Just wanted to drop off a smile to you all this rainy Tuesday. I am off to class this PM, and then Pilates afterwards. Tomorrow is a 2 miler and Pilates. I feel that I may have to do the 2 miler in
the AM before work, and the Pilates I can do before bed.

This is going to be a juggling act... work, school, training, and life. I made the schedule a month ago or so, and now I must revisit it and see if it will work. I do not want to burn out, but I
want to be efficient.

Somedays I feel like I sound really wishy-washy. Like I make grandeous proclomations and do not fallow through. This time I am saying and doing it, so that feels wonderful. Prioroities!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Yay, someone finally used ‘grandeous proclomations’ if their blog….. Yes, RunnerGirl it does become a juggling act at times. Just remember which of the balls in the air is the most important.

Mary said...

Although I'm not doing a half marathon, I feel for ya! I'm training for my first triathlon and if I wasn't training with the group at my university, I don't know if I would be self motivated enough to train. Hang in there! You are by far healthier and stronger than 90% of Americans out there (I totally just throw out that number, who knows if it's true!!!)