Aug 24, 2006

Why I love my Garmin... and a nice 5 miles yesterday.

Why do I love my Garmin 201? Because with its features I can just hit start and it automatically calculates pace, distance, and lets me know when I have achieved my goals. I love this! I just hit
start and started to run. I stopped when it beeped at 3.11 miles. The freedom of having a GPS is great, because you can just get out and go and let the GPS do the calculation work for you.

Last night I switched the display so it just showed the map. When I see pace/time/distance I tend to constantly look at it. When I am oblivious to current stats I find that I enjoy the run much

So I did 2 miles right after work but it was a struggle and I was out of my zone. I waited a while and then went out for a short run, ended up doing an additional 5k. So 5.12 miles yesterday. I am
so glad I did that! I considre these runs like supersets in strength training lol. I call it superset running!

Run on my friends!

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