Aug 25, 2006

My running milege breakdown

So here is albeit a small picture - the graph of my mileage since May 2006. I went down the first 3 months, then in August have done almost as much as the previous 3 added together!

Tomorow is the CRIM. I am so excited, but I will be running the 5K race alone... well with plenty of other people... just no one that I know!

I am about ready to head into Flint-Town and pick up my packet and the packet of one of my coworkers to expedite the run tomorrow.

I went to college for my undergrad in Flint - GMI Engineering & Management Institute. By the end of each term we had a saying GTFOOF. It stands for Get The F^@&% Out Of Flint. Not much has

I will check in post packet pick-up today. If you are running this race tomorrow - good luck! If not - well have a good day either way!

GTFOOF - RunnerGirl


TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay Garminite, good luck with the race tomorrow and make it a point to meet someone in the race. I'll see you at the award ceremony when you pick up your trophy!!!

ShoreTurtle said...

Good luck!

Jenniferlyn said...

lol... no awards for me, however I took 3 minutes off of my training runs, and beat my goal by 2 minutes!