Aug 26, 2006


I kicked the 5k's arse today! Well, not really, but I beat my training run times by 3 minutes, and took 2 minutes off of my goal for this race.

I did the 5k in 39:02 clock time. I will have to wait until the results are posted to see my chiptime.

I am so happy! The work is paying off for sure. If I can get back to a 31 minute 5k, that would be stellar!

Well off to see a friend from High School that I have not seen in a while.

Oh - and Ken, I did meet some people on the course. It helped me out so much! The line to the tent was WAAAY too long, so we opted to go home and start our non-running day.

Hope all who ran this race did well! And all whp are just lurking are having a wonderful day.


TNTcoach Ken said...

Great job RunnerGirl. I knew you would do well. We had a great time in the 810 also. We did a few beers and enjoyed the music. I think it was Mitch Ryder....

Jenniferlyn said...

lol... thank you!