Aug 26, 2006


Here it is:

RunnerGirl - Chip Time: 37:54 Pace: 12:12

My chip time! I did a lot better than I thought! I have never ran a 5k all the way through at this pace, so I am very happy! I am slow but I know this. It is about the JOURNEY not the time I am on it. :)

Which brings me to the next item: I am just not physically ready for Chicago, so I am going to focus on training for the Freep. I will do Chicago next year.

So as for my 25 in 25 goes, I will STILL be at 4 states, but have my 8th half completed this year.

Next year I have scheduled:

PF Chang's RNR Half - AZ
Flying Pig Half - KY (since it will be my second time running it, I can count KY as the state, as I already counted the OH portion last time)
Philly Distance - PA
Chicago Half - IL
San Jose Half - CA

That will give me 13 halfs and 9 states. Not too shabby!

Well I am SUPER happy with my time! Thank you all for your support these past few weeks, and I look forward to running with you in the future!

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