Dec 26, 2013


Today I decided to get back into the gym even after I did not feel terribly motivated to do so.  Hence why I was at the gym at 9pm at night. :-)

I started out by doing my "Stretch to Win" lower body stretches.  I figured that my biggest issue is that I spend too much time breaking DOWN my body and not allowing it to relax, rebuild, recover.  I am incorporating some yoga into my plan next year as well as mandatory daily stretching.

After stretching I got on the good old treadmill and ran for 20 minutes.  That sucked. Big time. BIG TIME SUCK.  But, what do I expect?  It was my first ANYTHING since Miami Man in November.  1.5 months without exercise results in BIG TIME SUCK.  Remember this kids.

After the run suck fest I decided to give a new workout app a try.  It is called BodeeFit and it gives you a daily workout.  Not only does it give you a Daly workout, it provides the time and all videos on how to perform the workouts autoplaying while you are working out.


This is a game changer for me.

So I log in, super easy, and boom - there is my workout.  The Cyclist.

Oh!  How appropriate!  I am a cyclist!  So I look over it.  15 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) of the following:

15 air squats
30 second push up holds
15 bicycle sit UPS
Oh many easy peasy I say, so I head on over to the stretching area and hit start.  15 air squats? Not a thing.  30 second push up hold?  Yeah I modified it.  15 bicycle sit ups? Hmmm... that was a little tougher than I remember.

After 3 rounds of the above I was dying.  OMG...  WHY am I doing this?  To get stronger. To give it my all and not quit.  To show myself that I can, in fact, push through the suck and embrace the awesome on the other side.  I am out of shape.  It sucks.  But one day in the future, as long as I continue to work at it and for it, it will suck less. And then it will suck even less. Until one day the suck is so small I forgot that it ever sucked at all.

I have pushed through the suck at many a triathlon. I am employing the push through the suck mantra in overall fitness as well.

So after it was done, I hit finished with 1:45 left on the clock as I would not have time to do another round. Imaged 6 rounds in 15 minutes,  Not great, but it is my baseline.  I cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

I was so impressed with this app that I decided to give another app I downloaded recently a try.  It is a stretching routine app and again, one that did not disappoint.  It shows you the stretching routine in live time while you are doing it, with a count down for each hold as well as showing you the full routine at the bottom so you see what is coming up next. The app is by Fitness Reloaded, and is called Stretching Exercises.  They have a whole slew of apps with different workouts such as lower body, AB, arms, etc. If they re anything like the stretching one, they are really well put together.  I do believe that this one is a pay app for ~ $1.99 if I recall correctly.

Also important to note is that I downloaded these on my Windows device (Surface) so I am not sure if there are Apple or Android versions on the market as well.

So day 1 of awesome is in the books.  Stretching, running, WOD, stretching.  What a nice workout!

So how are you working on beige awesome today?

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