Mar 8, 2013

Venturing into unknown territory.

I have been on a journey for seven plus long years.  And on this journey I have found myself often making wrong turns or going down roads only to doubt myself; stopping, turning around looking for an alternate way.

While I have gotten good at making short trips, I have yet to succeed at staying the course. Something has changed fundamentally for me in my life.  In the quest to find self love and acceptance, I have managed to actually find it. 

My typical MO would be to stop dead in my tracks, rest on my accomplishment thus far and revert to my old habits. Something is wrong.  I have yet to stop in my tracks.  I have yet to doubt myself.  I have passed the point of turning around and I am still on the course.  I am at an event horizon. There is no turning back.

When you set yourself up for success, failure is not an option.  Setbacks occur of course but failure happens when you give up, when you quit.

I have gotten to a place where I have lost 75 pounds on the journey.  I have gained some of the weight back due to lack of training volume, and that is where I realize that I need to change my approach to training and fueling.  I stand here on the edge of something. What that something is I am not so sure of but it is definitely a place that I have never been before.  I am on the verge of completing a goal that I have had my entire adult life.   My total life transformation is nearing a reality.

I truly feel that 2013 is the year that I complete this transformation by fine tuning my nutrition with the assistance of a RD who will help me understand how to fuel my day without nutritionally compromising my workouts, and by changing the way that I train. 

I expect big things in 2013.  The biggest of all is reaching a destination that I never really thought that I would make it to.  I am too far along now to turn back.  I am seeing this to the finish. I am done quitting.  I am on fire!


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