Mar 7, 2013

Guest Blog Post on Rock Orange Five!

Wow am I ever late!

So a while back my friend Deana asked that I write a guest blog post for her blog, the Rock Orange Five. 

Deana hosted a give away in honor of her 32nd birthday, and in that giveaway she had two of her friends write posts on how they had made changes in their lives over the course of a year.

The giveaway (which has ended) was a great idea and I am so so so proud of my girl Deana for growing up into such a beautiful woman inside and out.  I have so much respect for mothers - it is a job that I am just not qualified for!  In addition to having the world's most important job (mom) she is quite the inspiring runner and all around great person.  I always leave her blog with a smile on my face. 

Here is the guest blog post, and while the giveaway is over (I really am the worst... life just got away from me!) I really recommend following Deana's blog. 

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