Mar 12, 2013

The Power of One Word. When "Can't" is really "Won't".

Recently I have started to pay attention to the words that I chose to use, especially when it comes to my perception of myself and my abilities.  I find myself saying or thinking the word "can't" a lot more than is actually true.  I have noticed this everywhere I turn as well; on Facebook, on TV and radio, even in the cubicles and offices next to mine.

When did this little word enter into and become so prevalent in our vocabularies?  When did we become a society of can't? 

Well, I want to start a revolution baking back our lives, one can't at a time. 

When we say that we can't do something it implies inability in that we are not allowed to or that we are without choice in the matter.  In reality we all have choices that we make and need to own up to.  I have made a commitment to myself to stop using the word can't so freely.

When I say can't with regards to some task ahead of me, what I am really saying is that I am unable to accomplish it so why start it.  If this is the case then I promise to stop cutting myself short and to face my fears of failing or of dissappontment.   If it is something that I am not interested in, then to call it like it is, that I am not interested.   "Can't" is reserved for actual limitations imposed on my by time, religion or health.  It is not for me to freely sling out whenever I have doubt.  If it comes down to free will, then can't is a word that should be left out of the vocabulary.

There is a huge difference between can't and won't. 

The word "can't" may only be a word, but it sets us up for failure.  If we tell ourselves that we cannot accomplish something then we are not giving ourselves the opportunities and support we deserve.  We cannot rely on outside support for our successes, that support needs to start right here at home.  Right here inside ourselves.

If we start every new experience by telling ourselves that we can't... are we ever really going to try as hard as we would if we believed that we could?

If you find that you are telling yourself that you cannot accomplish something, try to look at the reasons why.  The next time you think that you can't do something - ask youself why not.  Then for every reason your negative self comes up with find the positive response. 

This is not an easy exercise but in time you will find that you may not be so quick to hold yourself back and that those "I can't" moments will soon become "I did" accomplishments.

They say that strength is what you have left when weakness is no longer an option.  I say that success is what you have when saying "I Can't" is no longer an option.

So what are your can'ts and won'ts?  What are some things that you are holding yourself back in because you are not sure that you can succeed?

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Jford said...

Great post! Attitude is everything!