Jan 28, 2013

A Good Husband.

"A good husband is healthy and absent." - Japanese Proverb

This week marks a pretty monumental change in the Kryvicky household.  The moment that we knew was going to come at some point has arrived  - albeit a little earlier than we thought.  This is the week that Mike moves to South Florida.  We were not really expecting to move until May at the soonest, so it just goes to show that when you are working towards a dream time lines become irrelevant.  We have learned that opportunities are there for the taking, but it is up to us to answer the door when they knock.

Due to the pace at which this move is occurring we have decided that it is best to keep me here in MI and working in my job until it makes more sense for me to come down. Obviously we want to live together, and keeping two households is not ideal, but Mike will be living with family in the meantime so that does help out quite a bit.

What makes this doable for us is that I have some flexibility in my job and my company allows quite a bit of time off since I have been here for so many years.  And as part of the new work-life balance approach that my company is taking, starting this year we now have telecommuting options.  When combined with my time off days, this all will make me officially dual-State for the next year or so.

I cannot express how lucky I am to have the husband that I do.  I also cannot express how much I will miss having him around 24/7, but I know that this short term sacrifice will not be in vain.   Many other couples live apart due to war.  This is not that situation, we are very lucky.  We are quite different people, but over the last eight years we have learned how to communicate with each other and we have grown only stronger and closer.  I love that man more than words could ever express. :-)

Aside from working, Mike's other job will be to scope out the different neighborhoods and towns in South Florida and start narrowing down where we are going to buy a house.  No pressure, Mike.

I know already that the singular thing that is going to help me stay sane through all of this will be getting back into a routine as quickly as possible.  Since IMFL I have been without my routine and my body is paying for it. 

Sleep, exercise, meal planning, and cooking are going to be my priorities.  Since I will be doing monthly trips to FL for the foreseeable future, I will need a routine that I can stick with no matter if I am in MI, FL, Mexico, or Europe. SIMPLICITY.  Going back to simple uncomplicated whole food meals and portable options for lunches and work trips.   I am not above carrying a can of black beans and a box of heat and serve brown rice with me on business trips. 

I am going back to basics by finding a standard 5-6 meals that I will rotate through my weekly menus, adding in 1 or 2 special recipes on occasion that I can add in to mix things up.  I work well this way and ultimately my health will thank me since I will be more prepared and better fed than I have been for the past month packing and moving. 

So much for 2013 being a "down" year. It is shaping up to be even more life changing than 2012 was.  I wouldn't have it any other way! The journey is about to go SUNNY SIDE UP!!

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