Jan 10, 2013

Living a more deliberate life.

We the deliberate believe that there are 2 ways to live life:  Like choices matter & Like they don't.

At the risk of sounding trite, I must say that those words have been resonating in me for the past week.  Things speak to me on occasion but not really like this.  It is kismet in a way.  I have over the past year turned my thinking, my actions, and my entire way of life around honing in on how I want to live giving back to others.  Here,  this magazine lands in my inbox and as I read even just the first few words of the introduction all that I can say is: YES. Exactly.

I understand now that by sharing pieces of me and my struggles in the context of truth and openess, the Journey as I call it, I have allowed others to start sharing theirs as well either with the world or just openly and honestly with themselves. 

It is all part of the ripple effect, about how creating in your life allows others to create in theirs, and this magazine fits right into all of that as well as all that I believe to be true in setting the intention of our lives.

The statement about there being two ways to live life is the opening to the 'deliberate manifesto' which you can find in its entirety is at deliberateLIFE magazine online.  The manifesto is worth the read as is the magazine itself.  As long as you have an iPad you have availability to the magazine exclusively through iTunes.   

So what exactly is the deliberateLIFE magazine?  It is not a gimmick-filled glossy advertisement for some unrealisitic world that editors and writers have created.  It is not about buying into their idea of a good life.  It is about inspiring you to create yours.

Overall the concept of this magazine is pretty great to me: provide inspiration on how to make small ripples in your own life and provide information about how other people have made ripples in theirs leading to larger ripples in society and their communities.  The common denominator in the entire magazine is choice and deliberate action.

Some potentially heavy topics, such as homelessness, were handled beautifully in a thought provoking way, not too sensationalized.  I like how the magazine covers a lot of varied ground in a short period of time.  It all just makes sense to me and spoke to me on a different level than other publications do.  it fills a niche that has been lacking.

I was ready for a magazine like this as I am sort of over the articles in certain mainstream "healthly living" magazines with titles like "5 secrets to being happy right now!" and "15 ways to loose a dress size by lunch!"  There is no quick fix and there are no secrets and I am done buying into the publications that push this way of thinking.

I tend to read magazine articles looking for inspiration and all that I have really found is gimmick disguised in the context of informational articles on self improvement - as long as you buy these things or eat these things, and never ever do that.  

I want to make some ripples in my world and I am glad to see a magazine that speaks to those of us ready for that change.

Honestly, the only negative that see with deliberateLIFE is that it is only available for iPads.  At the time of this post there was no commitment to make the publication available in any other format however I hope that they come out with an Android or alternate release soon as they are missing out on a whole population of readers.   If you have an iPad I would certainly check it out for yourself and see if it provides you the inspiration it has me. 

I realize now that those who break out of the conventional thinking of "things happen to us" as opposed to "things are created by us" are regarded as game changers.  As if they hold some magic powers or do things that no other human can.  Well, what they do is remarkable because they put a focus on their dreams and make them happen when most of us don't.  I guess that is changing the game, but what if I were to tell you that you too were a game changer?  You have it within yourself to be, you just need to find the thing that motivates and speaks to you!  

Go out and be inspired today!  Go out and live that deliberate life.  Make some ripples.

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