Nov 20, 2012

The Journey. My Journey.

June 4th, 2006 I did something that I have never done before.  I put the words that were living in my head into the very first post of this blog and it all started with a little 4.1 mile run/walk.

My goal then was to get back to my favorite distance in running, the half marathon.  In case you were wondering, that is where the web-address for this blog came from.  I was on a journey to 13.1 miles. A physical destination.

Little did I know then that over the course of these many years I would have completed many more half marathons and marathons as well as ventured into multisport completing numerous triathlons, half Iron distanced triathlons and even an Ironman. Just as little do I know now the millions of miles and adventures ahead of me.

Part of the organic growth of this blog has been that I have always looked at my life and this blog as a journey.  When it started there was a destination in mind, but today not so much. Now that I am not working towards some imaginary distance destination I am revamping the Journey Blog.

In the mean time, I have blogged my journey to Ironman Florida 2012 here, and a new blog capturing the journey to Ironman Wisconsin in 2014 here.  The reason that I keep these blogs separate from this one is simply that I want to capture the feelings and happenings specific to the bigger more specific destinations along the way to the ultimate journey of my life.

So, what is coming ahead?  A journey to my best health and body through whole food nutrition, physical activity, musings of my life.  Hmmm, sounds a little like a travel journal to me!

I am starting to host monthly "Cooking with Kindness" gatherings at my house focusing on make-ahead nutrition for weekly lunches with friends centered around whole food based plant nutrition, as well as mentoring some friends and family members in their triathlon and weight loss endeavors.

I am going to start working towards my dream of becoming a personal trainer and certified triathlon coach. 

I have decided to give back to everyone who has given to me and share the knowledge that I have learned and earned the hard way, through the journey of life.

As my friend Jodi said to me recently, I am running my life.  Time to get to running, I guess!


Unknown said...

What an awesome idea!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, keeping nineteen blogs? Good luck going forward!