Jan 2, 2012

Forget Resolutions. I have resolve. What I need are goals!

It is that time of year once again. The time to swear off smoking, drinking, food, whatever your vice and to resolve to make a change in the new year.

While this is admirable, I have decided to take a different position this year. I do not need resolutions as much as I need goals. I guess, looking over my list I see some of both.

I resolve to take situations with a grain of salt. This means to stop being so emotional or rather sensitive to certain situations.

I resolve to be a supporter of my friends and to always lift them up, never to year them down. There is too much poison in the world and we need more genuine care and less bitchiness towards others.

This year I have a pretty packed schedule. Nearly the entire month of January I will be either in Florida our in another country.

I have a half marathon in the spring to look forward to, then multisport season stars with some durations, long distance bike tours, a few half iron distanced triathlons and culminating with Ironman Florida.

As if that was not enough, I am getting married in the middle of all of the crazy with the wedding being out of state to boot!

With that much going on, I feel that goals would be better to capture what I hope to accomplish this year.

Lose 30-40#.
    Through eating clean, getting more sleep, training, and taking care of myself in general.

Life Balance.
     I want to take up stand up paddle boarding this year in addition to continuing to add rock wall climbing and yoga into my training as cross training activities to spend more time with Mike.  We are taking monthly cooking classes together to support our goals for this year. <3 This is part of my Christmas gift from Mike in fact!

     Another life balance activity I am going to adhere to is to spend more time with friends! I have been horrible of this in the past. :(

     In order to accomplish all of this, I need to get up and get my butt to work by getting in my training early in the morning whenever possible! I will be working out in the lab at Fraser this year, so that will help me refrain from procrastination.

Work out my mind.
     I made a goal last year to read more and thanks to my Kindle, I was able to accomplish this goal in good fashion. This year I would like to read 12 books (last year I read 12 in the first three months!)

     Additionally I want to capture the milestones of this year in pictures. I have always been intrigued by project 365 & project 52 but never had the time to dedicate to this. I am making up my own project this year, and am calling it Project Journey. I will not be setting the guidelines as one picture a day or one a week or even one a month. I want to capture the milestones as they occur regardless of how frequent.

Should be interesting! So what are some of your goals for 2012?

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Jford said...

I do not make resolutions either, to me a resolution basically is something that you want to do, but you really doubt you will do it!