Oct 28, 2011

Consider This a throw Down! Introducing The Journey's 2011 Insanity Challenge.

One of my favorite sayings is from Jonathan Roche, and he says that if you started one year ago on your journey to a better you, you would already be on your way.  My other favorite saying, also by Jonathan, is that you cannot drive a car by looking through the rear-view mirror.

Maybe you set a goal for yourself that you did not meet.  Maybe you had intentions of losing some weight and being beach ready by July 4th weekend.  Maybe you just wanted to start a healthy habit but never quite got to the point where it felt natural so you quit.  Whatever has happened this year, let it go.   It is not over, you have not lost.

We still have two months left in 2011.  That is two whole months worth of time to work towards our goals.  So what is July 4th has come and gone?  Until 12/31, we should not close the cover on our possibilities.

With that, I am throwing down a challenge.  To who?  To myself. I am calling myself OUT and challenging myself to start and finish something.  To use the next 8 weeks to do something to better myself, to prime my pump for 2012, and to get me through the 'blah" seasons while I wrap up my MBA program. 

My personal challenge is to start Beachbody's INSANITY workout and follow it through to its sweaty, HR increasing, plyometric jumping end.  I have Jenn's Cave of Pain (CoP) all set for the challenge and I am ready to get down and do it.   I will start a new tab on here to chart my progress and to stay accountable.  So that is my personal INSANITY Goal for 2011.

You can do this!  I can do this!  We can do this together!

What I am also doing, is throwing the challenge out to all of you.  I am calling each and every one of you out.  It is my blog, I am allowed to do that.  Whether it be Beachbody's P90X program, their INSANITY Program. Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Fire, whatever you have lying around why not dust it off and give it another go?   

Every single day we have the opportunity to move.  It is by our actions that we determine the direction in which we travel.

What if you have yet to try their products?  Then this challenge is super special because you get to determine what you want to do!  Maybe it is to just be active every single day for 60 days.  Maybe your challenge is to workout in the morning or maybe your challenge it to workout at night.  Maybe you want to develop a running habit or eat clean for 60 days.   

Whatever it is:   COMMIT TO IT.    START IT.    DO IT.   FINISH IT. 

This is not about the end result of inches or pounds lost, or cardio improvement percentages but rather the process of forming a habit.  I would recommend that you do not challenge yourself to lose 'x'lbs by New Years, but rather to start a habit and stick with it until challenge's end and then evaluate how it fits into your life.  When we focus on a number on a scale or some other metric of what we deem as perfection, we are setting ourselves up to fail.  How frustrating is that?  Very.  And demotivating.  And demoralizing.  And and and.  It is just not fair, but we do not have to accept that.

We fail in achievement not because we fail to want the result, but rather because we are not focusing on the process by which we need to live in order to obtain the results.  It is not the extra 20lbs on your frame that is making you overweight; it is the habits you have which are enabling you to keep it and those which are refraining you from keeping it off.   

I am owning this as a fault of mine.  I have habits which are completely out of whack with my goals.  I cannot keep spinning my tires expecting to move forward when my habits have me going in reverse.

So who is in?  I am posting a link to this challenge on Facebook, and will open up a special Challenge Tab.  I encourage you to send me an email at my home account and I will put your name down and keep you motivated through the 60 days of your personal challenge.  I am working on some prizes for the finishers of this challenge, including some Beachbody swag or products, so stay tuned!

The challenge starts MONDAY, October 31, 2011.   Are you in?

UPDATE:  The tab is now live.  2nd tab on this  blog called "the challenge". 


Cathy said...

Totally in. And email sent. :)

Jenniferlyn said...

Yay! We are so gonna rock us some new habits chica! I am so glad to have you along on the journey.

Mike Richey said...

I'm in! Great idea.

carolj said...

Bring it on!

LK said...

In like Flynn even with the bum leg.