Oct 29, 2011

19 people and counting.

I sent out an email to everyone that has contact me so far about joining in on the challenge.  I am really happy that almost 20 people responded so quickly.

I think that it goes to show that we know what we have to do, it is sometimes just having the push and support system around us to make the work turn into a lifestyle.  Balancing school, work, children, home obligations, sports, etc. is time consuming and we tend to lose sight of ourselves and our needs during the time we give to others.  This is not selfishness in a bad way, rather it is a needed selfishness that we must take advantage of.

If we give all to others and other activities, then we have nothing left for ourselves.  What does that say about the quality we are giving out?  If we are too tired to take time to take care of ourselves due to being stretched too thin at home or work, we are out of balance.  What happens when a plane is out of balance?  You experience turbulence and the plane may crash.

There is still time to join the challenge and make use of the last bit of 2011.  Again, send me an email at jwarstler@gmail.com or post a comment below if you are interested and include your name and your personal challenge to yourself.

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